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Causes of Walnut Fruit Drops and Countermeasures

July 30, 2021

Everyone knows that walnuts do not have strict requirements on the growth environment, even in the growth environment that is relatively resistant to barren and drought. However, if the management technology is not well mastered, fruit dropping is likely to occur, which will lead to a reduction in production and income, which will directly affect the harvest and planting enthusiasm of fruit farmers. Therefore, the reasons and solutions for walnut fruit drop are summarized as follows:




1. Causes of walnut drop

(1) Improper selection of varieties. The selection of varieties should be adapted to local conditions, and varieties suitable for local climate and soil conditions should be selected. Generally, you should choose thin-shelled varieties with strong growth, strong stress resistance, high quality and high yield. Walnut is a monoecious plant. It is best to choose 2 to 4 main planted varieties with similar or complementary male and female flowering stages, or configure suitable pollinating varieties when building a garden. The ratio of main varieties to pollination varieties is 4:1, and the main varieties can be Xiangling, Liaohe No. 4, Yuanfeng, Fenghui, etc.

(2) Rain or low temperature during the flowering period causes poor pollination. Unfertilized young fruits generally show fruit shedding 20 days after flowering, which is one of the main reasons for a large number of walnut fruit shedding.

(3) Insufficient nutrients. Many people think that walnuts with less topdressing or even no topdressing can produce results. Due to the lack of fertilizer, the nutrient consumption during the flowering period is relatively large, resulting in nutrient deficiency, weaker tree vigor and fruit drop.




(4) Lack of trace elements. When the walnut orchard is lacking in boron, zinc, or copper, fruit drop is also prone to occur.

(5) Use too much nitrogen fertilizer or partial application of nitrogen fertilizer. Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer or partial application of nitrogen fertilizer will cause excessive vigor of the tree, resulting in an imbalance between vegetative growth and physiological growth, resulting in flower and fruit drop.

(6) Fruit drop caused by plant diseases and insect pests. The main disease of walnut is anthracnose, which mainly damages the fruit and directly causes fruit rot and fruit drop.




2. Countermeasures for the prevention and treatment of walnut falling

(1) Topdressing timely to strengthen the tree vigor. Generally, topdressing should be done once in autumn and spring, and 1000 to 1500 kg of soil miscellaneous fertilizer should be topdressed per mu. According to the age of the walnut tree, each tree should also be topdressed with no-till fertilizer or ordinary nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer of 1 to 1.5 kg. Spray 4000 times of Shuofeng 481 plus 1000 to 1500 times of quick-acting boron on the leaves before and after flowering. After using quick-acting boron, it can effectively avoid the undesirable phenomena of walnut tree due to lack of boron, such as bud but not flower, flower but not fruit, fruit and fruit, fruit drop, fruit deformity and so on.

(2) Strengthen the prevention and control of anthracnose. In order to prevent rot or fruit drop caused by anthracnose, 400~600 times solution of Bangjiawei (80% mancozeb) can be sprayed once in mid-May, early June, and early July, and 4000 times solution can be added at the same time. Shuofeng 481 to prevent it.


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