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Potato vinegar

July 30, 2021

Vinegar made with potatoes, sweet potato and other raw materials, not only has a dark brown color, a strong acid and fragrance, and a unique flavor, but also has the effects of invigorating the stomach, digesting food, and detoxifying, and is deeply loved by people. The potatoes and sweet potato vinegar are made into vinegar, and the vinegar is stored for a long period of time. This greatly improves the utilization rate and economic benefits of potatoes and sweet potato. The main points of its processing technology are as follows:




1. Ingredients method

(1) Ingredients 

100 kilograms of potatoes, 60 kilograms of bran, 40 kilograms of bran, 30 kilograms of water, 4-5 kilograms of expanded koji, 1.6 kilograms of starter for vinegar.

(2) Method   

①Potato saccharification: Wash the potatoes, remove the rot and sediment, cook and mash them, add about 30 kg of cold water to every 50 kg of potatoes, heat up to 25 ℃, mix in the expansion koji and vinegar starter, stir well and pour into the jar When the inner lid is put on for saccharification, it starts to foam after 12 hours, and it fluctuates from time to time. Stir up and down evenly with the wooden claw every day, the saccharification is successful when the top is thin and the bottom is thick;

② Embryo mixing: Put the saccharified mature potato syrup in a dustpan, stir in the bran and bran, and mix the embryo evenly. The humidity of the embryo should be a little drop of water when you hold it in your hand (a little bit dry in winter). After the embryo is mixed, Pour into the fermentation tank, cover tightly with straw mats, etc. for fermentation.




2. Acetic acid fermentation 

Choose an ordinary house with a room temperature of 25-30°C as the fermentation room. The blanks placed in the tank (to produce acetic acid in about 3 days) should be turned up and down. The maximum temperature does not exceed 43℃. If the temperature of the material is too high, the material should be slightly compressed or inverted to control the temperature. The material temperature should not exceed 43°C for no more than 3 days, and the temperature should be gradually reduced to 30°C until the alcohol is oxidized to vinegar. The fermentation period is 12-15 days (taste the sweet and sour taste). The vinegar embryo is shaped. For every 100 kg of potatoes, 3 kg of salt can be evenly mixed, and stored in a tank or compacted in a tank to increase the fragrance of the vinegar through storage.




3. Vinegar test

(1) Equipment 

The tank is used. There is a water shower rack in the tank, and a shower mat is spread on the rack. The bottom of the tank is equipped with a shower nozzle, and each set uses 4 shower tanks.

(2) Pour vinegar

Put the mature vinegar mash into the drenching tank, calculate according to the main ingredients, each set of mash is about 150 kg, and then fill the drenching tank with two showers of vinegar water for soaking. Depending on the equipment and production situation, the stuffing time can be as long as 12 hours, or as short as 3-4 hours. The stuffing mash is mainly used, and the vinegar can start to pour vinegar when the vinegar is stuffy. Flush two of the shower tanks with water or second shower water first, open the shower nozzle at the bottom of the shower tank, and release the vinegar. The other two leaching tanks are dipped with two leaching vinegar, and the vinegar liquid flowing from the leaching nozzle can be rinsed repeatedly. Sensory inspection, when the vinegar is clear, heat it to above 80°C to be the finished vinegar, and put it in the vinegar storage tank or tank. After passing the chemical inspection, it can be packaged and shipped. No preservatives are added to the vinegar, and deterioration has never been found.


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