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Refining process of pepper seed oil

July 20, 2021
Zanthoxylum bungeanum seed oil uses Zanthoxylum bungeanum seeds as a by-product as the raw material, refined through modern oil production technology and advanced equipment. It is a high-grade health-care edible oil and additives rich in α-linolenic acid. It can also be used in various foods.
1. Brief description:
Pepper seed oil refining production line process workshop adopts the intermittent refining production process. According to the type and quality of the crude oil, the process parameters can be adjusted and different refining methods can be selected to produce the first, second and third grade edible oil; provided by  Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Process equipment has the following advantages:
※ Flexible and convenient adjustment, even if the quality of raw materials changes slightly, it can still be produced normally;
※ Maximum heat utilization, energy saving effect is remarkable;
※ The fully enclosed production process avoids the oxidation of grease and ensures the high quality and stability of the product;
※ The appearance of the equipment is clean and beautiful, the equipment has a long warranty time, and a lifetime after-sales service.
2. Scale and raw materials:
The processing capacity is 1-200t/d, taking the daily processing of 3t pepper seed oil as an example
3. Product index:
The refined oil of pepper seed oil meets the national standard GB19111-2003 standard (first, second and third grade)
4. Main economic and technical indicators:
(1) Total installed capacity of refining workshop: 26.7kw; fuel and electricity consumption per ton 55kw/h
(2) Water consumption: circulating water 0.8t/ton oil
(3) Consumption of auxiliary materials: caustic soda 3.5kg/ton oil; activated clay 20_40kg/ton oil
(4) Refining consumption:
 Neutralization alkali refining: when the crude oil W value ≤ 3%, it is 0.3+1.25×W%+0.3%
 When the W value of crude oil is ≥3%, it is 1.35×W%+0.3%
 Decolorization: Residual oil of clay residue≦25%
 Deodorization: 0.3%+FFA%
Pepper seed oil refining production line
Pepper seed oil refining production line
5. Description of refining process
(1) Process diagram

                    Caustic soda         Hot water        White clay      vacuum    Recycled water

                              ↓                         ↓                       ↓                   ↓                    ↓ 

Crude oil → Alkali refining → Degumming → Bleaching → Deodorize → Cool down → Deodorized oil → Go to the dewaxing workshop

(2) Process flow description

①Alkali refining operation: adjust the oil temperature to about 60℃, then add 20-30Be lye (1kg caustic soda + 5kg water lye) within 5-10min, and stir for 5-10min under the condition of 60r/min, Observe the formation and separation of soap particles after the reaction and start to slowly heat up, change to slow stirring, and increase by about 1°C every minute. When the temperature reaches 65°C, the oil soap separates obviously, stop stirring and start to settle the soap feet. Generally, it is necessary Soap feet are released after 4-6 hours.

②Washing operation: After the soapstock is released, the oil is further heated to 75°C, and then hot water greater than 5% of the oil weight is added for washing. The water temperature should be 5-10°C higher than the oil temperature, and the water temperature should be 5-10°C higher than the oil temperature. It is easy to emulsify when the water temperature is too low; After adding water, continue to stir for 5 minutes, and then settle for 3-4 hours, release soapy water, and wash repeatedly 1-2 times, depending on the quality of the clear oil.

③Decolorization operation: turn on the vacuum pump to make the vacuum ≧700mmHg; first suck the washed alkali refining oil into the decolorization tank, turn on the stirring and increase the temperature under the vacuum state, and continue to stir for 10 minutes after the temperature reaches 100℃ to reduce the water content in the oil to 0.1% Below, inhale a small amount of decolorizing agent (white clay or activated carbon), the amount of addition depends on the oil product, generally 2%-4% of the oil amount, after stirring for 20 minutes, the temperature is cooled to about 90°C, the vacuum is broken, and the decolorization pump is turned on to filter The machine separates oil and soil to obtain decolorized oil.

④Deodorization operation: the decolorized oil is sucked into the deodorization tank by a vacuum. When the vacuum degree reaches 755mmHg and the temperature is above 150℃, the bottom is opened and the steam is directly distilled and deodorized, and the timing is started;

  A. deodorization time: 2-3h,

  B. Deodorization temperature: 220℃-240℃,

  C. deodorization vacuum degree: 755mmHg or more,

  D. The whole process must be directly steam distilled.

6. Description of main equipment:

Serial number

Device name




Refining tank


Used for acid refining, alkali refining and water washing


Decolorizing tank


Used for dehydration, mixing oil and decolorant


Deodorization tank


It is made of 304 stainless steel and used for distillation to remove oil odor and light components


Vacuum pump


The vacuum needed for decolorization and deodorization can reach 755irfg


Air compressor


Drying bleaching clay 


Steam generator


Generate steam for distillation




Filtration separation of clay oil


Heat conducting oil furnace


Provide system heat energy,temperature can reach 300℃

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