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Rice bran oil processing equipment manufacturers

September 02, 2021

Rice bran oil is also a common rice oil. It is made from rice bran, a by-product of rice processing, and refined by pressing or leaching. Rice bran oil was mostly used in the industrial field in the early days. With the advent of edible rice bran oil, it was also incorporated into edible oil. The ranks of rice bran oil has become an important member, and rice bran oil has also obtained a new breakthrough development. Because the oil content of rice bran is not high, the ideal processing technique is the oil extraction technique.

Extraction equipment

   Investment in rice bran oil processing is currently a very good project choice. The key is to treat the purchase of rice bran oil extraction equipment carefully, compare carefully, and comprehensively select the best. So, which leaching equipment brand is strong and the equipment is guaranteed? For specific advantages, look at the following analysis.

   1. Why is the extraction equipment recommended to manufacturers in Henan, China?

Henan, China is known as the "hometown of machinery", and grain and oil machinery such as leaching equipment and oil presses is the domestic production and export center. There are dozens of mature enterprises here, both in terms of enterprise scale and technology. In terms of level, or in terms of production and manufacturing capabilities, they are even better. Numerous companies, fierce competition, breed excellent equipment, but the price is very low, the leaching oil equipment in Henan region is worth buying.

  2. How should the leaching equipment manufacturers in Henan, China be selected?

  Choose a good brand. An enterprise has withstood the test of the market. It has more advantages in technology, craftsmanship, structure, performance, and the performance of the equipment produced. It has a strong brand strength. It can be seen from the brand awareness and market reputation that it is more capable and more responsible for producing more High-quality equipment.

   choose brands with high price. The equipment with high cost performance is not only in terms of the equipment quotation. Of course, the low equipment quotation can save the user investment costs, but that is not enough. The cost-effective equipment is more stable and has a failure rate in daily processing. Low, high efficiency, and very low overall operating costs.

  Choose direct-selling manufacturers. Users buying equipment will inevitably encounter middlemen and manufacturers. It is recommended that users choose manufacturers to cooperate. The equipment sold directly by manufacturers is not only affordable, but the service is more direct, comprehensive and more cost-effective, and more secure.

   Invest in rice bran oil processing projects and purchase rice bran oil extraction equipment. Go to Henan Zhongxing factory. Users are welcome to visit and purchase.