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Sunflower oil extraction equipment manufacturers

September 02, 2021

Sunflower seeds have high oil content and rich nutritional value. There are endless oil processing projects all over the country. They are very suitable for investment in sunflower oil processing, which has a bright future. The processing of sunflower oil mostly adopts pressing and leaching methods. When squeezing sunflower oil, the quality of the oil is high, but the oil yield is low and the processing is insufficient. For large-scale sunflower oil, the extraction equipment production line can be used to process sunflower oil. Achieve a profit breakthrough.

Leached sunflower oil, although it is not high-quality squeezed sunflower oil, it is an important member of blended oil. The market demand for blended oil is very large, and the leached oil is effectively refined to meet food-grade standards, which is very healthy and more What's more, to create more value for users, it is a wise choice to build a leaching oil processing plant. The key is to choose the leaching oil production line properly, how to choose, and look at the simple analysis below.

1. Any oil plant has an output, from as small as 10 tons of oil per day to thousands of tons per day. The type, configuration and supporting equipment of oil extraction equipment required vary, and users are choosing Before buying, you must first figure out your own output and what you need to have the goal of buying.

2. The investment in the production line of the leaching oil equipment is expensive and it is of great importance. Users should treat it with caution, have a preliminary understanding of the sunflower seed cake leaching process, and have a general understanding of the functions, performance, parameters and other configurations of the leaching oil equipment. If you have a spectrum, you can buy it without losing money.

3. As the so-called knowing oneself and the enemy, having an accurate grasp of the actual situation of the intended manufacturer can choose a more suitable manufacturer to cooperate. This requires users to move around and visit and compare more, from the comprehensive strength of the company, from the performance level of the equipment To determine whether it is worth buying.

4. Selecting the leaching oil equipment, mainly focus on a few points, the material of the equipment, the degree of automation, whether the safety protection is in place, the actual performance level of the equipment, etc. In addition, the price and service of the equipment must also be considered. Suitable.

5. To do leaching oil, build leaching oil plants, purchase leaching oil equipment, it is more reliable to find Henan Zhongxing oil leaching equipment manufacturers to cooperate, the plant is strong, has nearly a dozen years of successful experience, and there are cooperative projects in all parts of the country. Henan Zhongxing came to cooperate, and it was even more secure.

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