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Rice bran oil squeezing and leaching equipment

September 03, 2021

Rice bran oil is also a common rice oil. Among the by-product rice bran produced from rice, the oil content of rice bran is about 18%. The oil content is not high and can be squeezed, but the oil yield is not ideal. Rice bran oil processing plants often use it. The leaching method is used to make oil. Therefore, the rice bran oil commonly found in supermarkets is mostly leaching rice bran oil. People should not "talk about leaching color change". There is not only one process for leaching, but also a corresponding refining process.

The unhealthy leaching oil is a big misunderstanding of the leaching oil. The high oil extraction rate of the leaching process is the current oil refining process in the field of oil processing. There will be solvent intervention in the leaching process, but the subsequent refining can reach the national first The second grade oil standard, even if it is pressed oil, the standard reached after refining is almost the same. The oil equipment manufacturer stated that all certified edible oils on the market, whether they are leached or pressed, can be eaten with confidence.

The above is also the key to the majority of users using the leaching method to process rice bran oil. When setting up an leaching oil plant, you must carefully purchase rice bran oil leaching equipment. After all, the investment is large and it is related to the normal processing and operation of the later stage. Then how to choose the leaching What about oil equipment? What are the advantages of excellent leaching equipment? The following is a brief introduction by the Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Leaching Equipment Manufacturer.

leaching equipment

1. The model and configuration of the equipment should be selected reasonably. The rice bran leaching oil plant is divided into different sizes, the processing capacity is different, and the requirements for the model of the leaching equipment are also different. The daily processing capacity is 10T-3000T, all models are available, and the user has a wide range of choices. It can also be customized according to the actual needs of users.

2. Pay attention to the performance of the equipment. First, highlight the leaching efficiency. A complete leaching can achieve the user's expected goal and reduce the residual oil rate to less than 1%, which can effectively reduce the cost of production and operation. Good-quality equipment is more popular with users, the leaching oil technology is more mature, the equipment selection is excellent, the workmanship is solid, and the actual performance is stable. This requires users to do more inspections, compare more, and choose the best.

3. The leaching equipment manufacturer recommends Henan Zhongxing. The domestic leaching oil equipment brand has developed earlier. It has been engaged in leaching equipment and oil extraction equipment for nearly 40 years. With rich experience, more mature oil refining technology, and excellent processing technology, it is more competitive. With powerful equipment and Henan Zhongxing for processing rice bran oil, users can realize worry-free production.

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