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What are the rules for purchasing peanut oil processing equipment?

September 02, 2021

High oleic peanut oil is a kind of nutritious peanut oil that has emerged in recent years. High oleic peanut oil contains high oleic acid, and the content of monounsaturated fatty acids is higher than 75%. High oleic peanut oil has high nutritional value. Once it is listed, the market has responded well. It is a bright spot for the health of edible oil in the future. Processing high oleic peanut oil is worthy of investment by users.

No matter how good high oleic peanut oil is, it must be processed by suitable oil press equipment. There are many oil press manufacturers, and it is not easy for users to purchase properly. What are the rules for selecting oil presses? The following is a brief introduction by the Zhongxing grease equipment manufacturer.


peanut oil


1. What cost input is needed to invest in peanut oil processing?

Processing peanut oil, one is the problem of the factory, and the other is the problem of the equipment. The choice of the factory depends on the size of the user's processing output. If the output is large, a large peanut oil processing plant can be built, and if it is a small one, it can bloom and press. Regarding peanut oil processing equipment, it is similar to other oil processing, mainly peanut oil press, peanut oil extraction equipment, peanut oil refining equipment, etc., focusing on making reasonable purchases.

2. How to save costs and choose suitable oil press equipment?

If you want to save costs in purchasing peanut oil equipment, you must buy high-quality and low-cost equipment. Users can go to some low-end consumer cities to buy, or they can go to some old companies to buy. Manufacturers in these areas offer price-performance ratios. Very high. In addition, users should also consider the cost of equipment transportation. If they want to reduce the freight, they must choose a regional manufacturer with more convenient transportation, which can save part of the transportation cost. Of course, they are all based on quality assurance.

3. Which peanut oil complete equipment manufacturer is recommended?

It is very important to choose peanut oil processing equipment manufacturers. At present, there are so many manufacturers, users are required to investigate more, do more inspections and comparisons, select a few strong manufacturers to visit, and understand the manufacturers and equipment more intuitively. Here is a suggestion to the user for the Henan Zhongxing oil press manufacturer, with strong enterprise strength, good market reputation, rich experience in cooperation, and it is worthy of users to buy.

To process high oleic peanut oil, use Zhongxing's oil machinery and equipment to produce good oil with good quality. Henan Zhongxing specializes in manufacturing various oil press equipment, plant oil refining equipment, leaching equipment, animal oil refining equipment, and oil plant production line equipment. Welcome Users come to investigate and purchase, please feel free to contact us.