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Flax seed oil processing equipment

September 02, 2021

Flax seed oil, abbreviated as flax oil, some people think that there is a difference between flax oil and linseed oil. Zhongxing oil equipment manufacturer pointed out that in fact, the flax seed oil mentioned by everyone refers to linseed oil. The name is different in different regions. A healthy edible oil, purely squeezed flax seed oil, is very popular in the market. In the case of relatively fierce competition in other bulk edible oils, choosing to process flax seed oil is a good breakthrough.

Peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil and other large edible oils are in great demand for consumption, but blindly eating these oils will inevitably get bored. More and more consumers are beginning to try to consume other new types of edible oils, such as peony seed oil. Healthy nutritious oils, such as grape seed oil, perilla seed oil, and flax seed oil, have attracted more and more attention and consumption, which is also the result of the development of oils.


Flax seed oil


For the processing of flax seed oil, the first recommended process is pure physical cold pressing, which can retain its linoleic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid and other nutrients without losing too much. Of course, the hot pressing method is also a very suitable choice and can be effective. Increasing the oil yield of flax seeds, and the next process is very critical, that is, the refining process, which is completed by the flax seed oil refining equipment, which is an important equipment for processing qualified refined oil.

In fact, the refining of flax seed oil is not much different from the refining of other edible oils. The key lies in the establishment of the plan for the squeezing and refining of flax seed oil. Many oil equipment manufacturers have rich experience. The specific solutions provided are subject to application. The machinery has not only rich experience in conventional oil processing, but also very mature experience in flax seed oil, and there are countless cooperation projects.

Zhongxing oil and fat equipment manufacturers can not only provide users with feasible refining solutions, but also provide high-quality and low-cost flax seed oil processing equipment, from flax seed oil press, to flax seed oil refining equipment, to later filling equipment, etc. All models are available. According to Zhongxing's experience in cooperation with users, users can start from 5-10 tons of flax seed oil extraction, so that they can be equipped with 1-2 tons of flax seed oil refining equipment. The investment is moderate and the profit ratio is very high.

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