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How much is a set of sunflower oil processing equipment? What are the factors affecting its price?

September 02, 2021

Sunflower seed oil can be said to be one of the most popular edible oils at present. It not only has high nutritional value, but also plays a vital role in alleviating the pressure of edible oil. There are many methods for processing sunflower oil. Among them, the more common methods are the pressing method and the leaching refining method. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The pressing method has high flexibility and is suitable for small and medium oil plants and oil workshops, but the oil yield rate Low is flawed. The leaching refining method has a high oil yield and good meal quality, which is suitable for large-scale oil processing plants, but the problem of solvent residues in the leached oil is questionable. Many consumers talk about "leaching" discoloration.

According to the analysis of Zhongxing's oil equipment manufacturer, for sunflower oil, whether it is the pressing method or the leaching method, as long as it passes the national edible oil standard certification, it can be eaten with confidence, and consumers do not need to worry about the quality of the leached oil. The squeezing method requires oil extraction equipment, and the leaching refining method requires extraction equipment and refining equipment, which are all sunflower oil processing equipment. How much is a set of sunflower oil processing equipment, and what are the factors affecting its price? Look at the following brief analysis.


sunflower oil


1. From the perspective of production process:

The process of each sunflower oil equipment manufacturer is different. Because of the disparity in strength, the quality of the sunflower oil equipment sold in the market is different. The price of the equipment of the stronger manufacturers is generally stable, mature production technology, and excellent oil refining. Technology has a more stable performance in actual processing, and of course the price will be higher.

2. In terms of equipment quality:

The quality of sunflower oil equipment will affect the price of the equipment. The better the quality, the higher the price, the higher the efficiency, and the more stable the operation process, which brings more profits to users. It is not ruled out that some small manufacturers use shoddy products and set the price very low to entice users. Users buy back, which cannot meet the processing needs, delays time, and causes losses.

3. Compare from the strength of manufacturers:

There are many manufacturers of sunflower oil equipment, but some are not real manufacturers, and some are distributors and middlemen. Users must do a thorough field investigation before purchasing equipment and confirm that they are regular manufacturers before cooperating. The equipment of manufacturers is not only economical. It is guaranteed, and can have advantages in later services, and escort users to achieve more profits.

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