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Rice bran oil processing and refining equipment

September 02, 2021

Rice bran oil is a healthy nutritious oil. Its consumption ratio directly reflects the local development level. The overall consumption ratio of rice bran oil in my country is about 10%. In Japan and many developed countries in the West, the consumption ratio of rice bran oil is about 10%. Therefore, my country’s rice bran oil processing industry needs to be further developed. Users who invest in edible oil processing can start with rice bran oil processing. The prospects are very broad.

Processing rice bran oil has a good prospect. For ordinary investors, there are several main tasks to be done before investing. First, a detailed investigation and analysis of the local market must be done to understand the local raw material situation, market conditions, and Common people's edible oil consumption, etc., and make a simple budget, what kind of rice bran oil to do, how many tons of output, and the grade of refined oil to achieve the level of oil, etc., these tasks are in place, and the later work can be effectively carried out.

Henan Zhongxing leaching oil equipment manufacturers have a good reputation in the domestic edible oil processing industry. Basically all edible oil processing has successful cases in Henan Zhongxing manufacturers, especially some large edible oil projects. The rise of the rice bran oil industry in recent years , Henan Zhongxing manufacturer can be said to have made a lot of credit. It has built many large, medium and small rice bran oil processing projects at home and abroad, and has rich experience. Here, the rice bran oil leaching production line is taken as an example. A brief introduction to the user is as follows.

Rice bran oil equipment

For the rice bran oil processing production line, the Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery manufacturer recommends the leaching process, which can be pre-extruded and leached, or expanded and leached. The specific process arrangement depends on the actual needs of the user. It is recommended that the user can do the expanded leaching. After the rice bran is expanded, the It is directly sent to the rice bran oil extraction equipment for effective extraction. According to the output of refined oil, the user purchases the corresponding rice bran raw materials to meet the output demand.

Processing rice bran oil, the leaching section is only one of the links. The crude rice bran oil produced will then be sent to the oil refining workshop. What Henan Zhongxing recommends to users is oil refining equipment, and the user should be reminded that rice bran oil contains wax. High, it is necessary to be equipped with grease dewaxing equipment to reach the national standard oil level sold on the market, so as to ensure that the rice bran oil produced can be smoothly converted into benefits.

  To do the rice bran oil leaching production line, we choose Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery to cooperate. It has rich successful experience and can effectively provide comprehensive protection for users' operation and operation. Welcome to the manufacturer to visit and purchase.