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Where should to start an edible oil processing plant?

September 02, 2021

Edible oil processing is currently a hot project, and oil engineering projects can be seen everywhere, from oil presses to edible oil processing plants, all of which are inseparable from oil equipment. The important task of opening an edible oil processing plant is to select the right oil processing equipment. For some users who want to invest, they may not know how to start at the beginning. They don't know where to start an edible oil processing plant, let alone choose the right oil equipment.


Edible oil processing equipment production line


For the convenience of users, the following is a simple advice from Zhongxing's oil equipment manufacturer for users' reference.

1. What are the preparations for opening an edible oil processing plant?

The important issue for opening an edible oil processing plant is the issue of land use. Simply renting someone else’s plant is not a long-term solution. Get the land use right as much as possible and build your own production plant. In some areas, most of the oil engineering projects have received government support. Naturally, the land issue will not be a problem. If the government supports it, it will be better. The user must have an overall plan for the construction of the factory.

2. What kind of fats are suitable for opening a fat processing plant?

At present, it is not suitable to open oil processing plants to process bulk oils, such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil, etc., which are occupied by some big brands such as Arowana, Fulinmen, and Luhua. Users can process small oils, such as walnut oil, tea seed oil, flax oil, perilla seed oil, etc. These oils have a large market gap, and refined oils are also conducive to sales. The establishment of oil processing plants should highlight the quality of the oils.

3. Which manufacturer is more suitable to buy grease machinery and equipment?

What kind of processing plant to open depends on the oil to be processed, and the equipment to buy is also different. For example, processing walnut oil and flax oil is suitable for pressing and selecting oil presses, while processing soybean oil and rice bran oil is more suitable for leaching and refining production lines. Henan Zhongxing oil equipment manufacturer has a full range of oil equipment of various varieties, rich in configuration, high quality and low price, and is a loyal partner of the majority of oil factory friends.

To open a grease processing plant and purchase grease engineering equipment, go to Henan Zhongxing factory. Users are welcome to visit and purchase and get more information about Zhongxing. Feel free to contact us any time.