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Walnut cake leaching equipment manufacturer

September 02, 2021

Walnut oil is produced from walnuts and is a nutritious edible oil. There are many walnut producing areas in my country. Among them, Haozhou, Qinling, Xinjiang and Hetian are more famous. Walnuts are of good quality and high oil yield. Walnuts are processed in these areas. Oil can also be seen everywhere, because walnut oil has high nutritional value, and the market price is very high, and the profit margin is large. Processing walnut oil is a good investment project.

   Walnut oil has high nutritional value. As we all know, processing walnut oil is selected as the cold pressing process, which can more retain the original value of walnuts. The market price of cold pressed walnut oil is also very high. But the cold pressing process is not enough to process walnut oil, because the weakness of the cold pressing process is the low oil yield, and the walnut oil content is very high. However, the residual oil in the walnut cake after the cold pressing process is very high, which needs to be further improved. Develop the value of oil.

The more mature oil refining process and the oil extraction process are more suitable for processing the residual oil in the walnut cake. The walnut oil extraction equipment can effectively control the residual oil in the cake below 1%, which greatly develops the value of walnut oil, and also provides users Bring more profit income. It is imminent to invest in the construction of a walnut leaching oil plant. The key step is to make a reasonable purchase of walnut cake leaching equipment.

Walnut oil extraction equipment

   Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery, as a domestic manufacturer of leaching oil equipment, analyzes the following purchase factors for users for reference.

1. Looking at the strength and level of the manufacturer, the strength and technical level of an enterprise, you can more intuitively see the professionalism of the enterprise, and the more professional manufacturers are more capable of producing high-quality leaching equipment, and judging the strength of the manufacturer. On-site visits and inspections, comprehensive comparison in terms of enterprise scale, technical level, team strength, etc., and on-site test machine observation, comprehensive selection of the best, and then cooperation.

2. Judging from the manufacturer’s reputation and evaluation, you can’t listen to the manufacturer’s side words when purchasing equipment. Users should investigate more, watch more, and inquire more. You can choose companies with strong brand strength and high market reputation for inspection, or you can find Industry friends come to discuss and see how customers evaluate the equipment. The manufacturer says it’s good or not, and the user says it’s good, because only those who have bought and used it have a say.

3. Looking at the manufacturer’s quotations and related services for equipment, the price of leaching equipment largely determines the purchase psychology of users. Under the premise of ensuring quality and performance, affordable equipment is more favored by users, which requires users to investigate and Comparing more, not only comparing prices, but also taking into account the service, perfect after-sales service can effectively protect the interests of users and realize worry-free production.

   To purchase walnut oil extraction equipment, go to Henan Zhongxing manufacturer. Good brand is trustworthy. Welcome to Henan Zhongxing manufacturer for on-site inspection and purchase.