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Which cooking oil is more profitable? How to choose oil processing equipment?

September 02, 2021

Investment in edible oil processing is a good project. From the current oil development market, it can be seen that first, the market has a large demand for edible oil, and second, the existing oil processing projects are far from satisfying the demand. There are many edible oil processing projects at home and abroad, large or small, ranging from oil processing plants to small oil workshops, all of which have contributed to the development of the oil industry. Users who want to invest in edible oil processing should start early.

Some investors have also seen the prospects of the edible oil processing industry and want to share a piece of the pie, but they don’t know where to start, which edible oil is more profitable to process, or how to buy oil processing equipment, Zhongxing Oils For the convenience of users, equipment manufacturers make a simple analysis of some problems in edible oil processing for users' investment reference.


edible oil


1. What kind of edible oil is easier to realize profit by processing at present?

Ordinary popular oils include soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, etc. The processing of these oils does not form a corresponding scale, and it is difficult to compete with the major oil brands on the market. To process these oils, it is necessary to highlight the oil. Quality. Small categories of oils include walnut oil, linseed oil, perilla seed oil, grape seed oil, peony seed oil, etc. These edible oils have not yet been monopolized, and have high nutritional value and large profit margins. The majority of users can process them from these oils. rise.

2. What are the forms of processed edible oil?

Processing edible oil projects are divided into large and small. The oil processing plant has a high investment and a high rate of return, which is suitable for processing edible oils with high demand, such as peanuts and soybean oil. The oil press is also a good choice for users, with small investment, fast returns, and flexible processing. It can be processed with stock or supplied materials. It mainly processes popular oil plants and local main oil plants. Which form to choose, the user makes a decision based on his own situation.

3. What are the grease equipment and how to choose?

The choice of processing technology is different, the size of the plant is different, and the output is different, and the required oil processing equipment is also different. However, large-scale oil plants have a large production capacity, so it is recommended to use leaching refining production lines. The equipment that needs to be used includes oil presses, pretreatment squeezing equipment, leaching equipment, and oil refining equipment.

As for which equipment the user chooses, the user has to visit and compare more until the right brand is selected. Here is a recommendation for the user of the Henan Zhongxing Grease Machinery brand. A good brand is not afraid of inspection, and users are welcome to visit, inspect, and buy , Henan Zhongxing specializes in manufacturing various complete sets of plant oil refining equipment, leaching equipment, animal oil refining equipment, and oil plant production line equipment. Please feel free to contact us for cooperation with Zhongxing manufacturers!