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Soybean oil production equipment manufacturers

September 02, 2021

Soybean oil is a familiar edible oil. The high market share is due to many reasons. One is that soybean has abundant raw material resources, and the other is that soybean oil is relatively affordable and is mostly used by the catering industry. In addition, soybeans have a very high utility value. Soybeans can be used to make oil and meal can be used to extract protein. Many oil factory users start processing edible oil from soybean oil.

Extraction equipment

The oil content of soybean itself is not high. Even the imported genetically modified soybeans have an oil content of only about 20%. There are not many users who use the pressing method to obtain them. The high residual oil rate of pressing causes serious waste, and the oil extraction process, The residual oil rate of soybeans can be controlled below 1%, and the quality of the meal is good. Therefore, most oil plants with large production volume use the oil extraction process to process soybean oil.

Consumers may not have much idea about leaching soybean oil. The first grade soybean oil, soybean blend oil and other refined oils on the market are all processed from leaching soybean oil as the main raw material, accounting for about 90% of the product oil. Soybean oil market is the world where soybean oil is leached. Therefore, it is still a very good choice for users to process soybean oil and build leaching oil processing plants. Sales at low prices and considerable profits are also considerable.

The construction of the leaching oil workshop is very important. The domestic level has strict requirements on the level of the leaching oil workshop. The equipment manufacturer guides the construction of the plant and can successfully pass the acceptance. Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery can provide users with practical leaching oil schemes and provide drawings of the leaching oil workshop, and the project can pass the acceptance.

The construction of a plant for leaching oil is the key. The purchase of soybean oil leaching equipment production line is also a top priority. The leaching production line covers soybean pretreatment equipment, soybean oil press, leaching oil equipment, oil refining equipment and some supporting equipment, etc. Multiple factors such as equipment material, performance, price, etc., combined with the selection of a strong leaching oil equipment manufacturer, can comprehensively select equipment with higher cost performance to use.

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