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Six tips for choosing high-quality peanut oil

August 02, 2021

The nutritional value of peanuts is comparable to that of meat and eggs, and it also has certain medicinal value and health care functions. It has enjoyed the reputation of "longevity fruit" since ancient times. The folk proverb says: "Eat peanuts can keep good health." Peanut oil is loved by consumers because of its excellent color, aroma and taste. It has become a representative of high-end mainstream edible oil products in the edible oil market. However, due to the numerous brands of peanut oil products on the market and the uneven product quality, consumers often encounter problems such as confusion, buying the wrong products, and losing profits when choosing peanut oil. So, for consumers, how should they choose genuine and high-quality peanut oil?


peanut oil


In fact, the following six methods for identifying high-quality peanut oil can help consumers easily select high-quality peanut oil.

1. Observe its "primary colors"

High-quality peanut oil presents yellow-red color in the appearance of the oil. This feature is mainly due to the fact that high-quality peanut oil is made by physical pressing technology. The production process is completely dependent on physical pressure to directly separate the oil from the oil. It does not use chemical leaching and high-temperature refining, and does not need to go through "dewaxing", " "Decolorization" and other six decolorization processes, thereby retaining the natural original color of the raw peanuts.

2. Smell its "original fragrance"

The pure peanut oil can smell the mellow and strong natural peanut fragrance after opening the oil bottle cap. This feature also depends on the physical pressing process. The peanut oil produced by the pure physical pressing process can retain the natural original fragrance of the raw material in the oil, while the chemical leaching process destroys the active nutrition and fragrance of the oil.


peanut oil


3. Identify its "original species"

Check the raw material non-GMO label on the outer packaging of peanut oil products. High-quality peanut oil has a great relationship with the quality of the raw material itself, and the quality of the raw material directly depends on the original species. Natural high-quality, non-genetically modified peanut original seeds can ensure the high quality of peanut oil raw materials, thereby ensuring the safety of peanut oil products.

4. Know its "original squeeze"

Check the production process identification on the outer packaging of the peanut oil product. The high-quality and pure peanut oil is produced by pure physical pressing process. Taking the current domestic advanced Luhua 5S pure physical pressing process as an example, the Luhua 5S pure physical pressing process directly squeezes the oil from the oil through the original pressing method. The entire production process The whole process does not use any chemical preparations, does not undergo high temperature refining, does not add any antioxidants, and uses high-tech technology to achieve a breakthrough in peanut oil aspergillus flavus undetected, reaching the world's leading level, and ensuring human safety. The Hua 5S pure physical pressing process not only ensures the safety and health of the oil, but also can completely retain the natural nutrients and active substances of the raw peanuts in the oil.


peanut oil


5. Taste its "original flavor"

High-quality peanut oil often only squeezes the first peanut juice, which is squeezed from the original seeds, and finally realizes the natural original fragrance of peanut oil, which ensures the pure taste of peanut oil and produces natural and healthy taste.

6. Test its "original nature"

The most worth mentioning trick to identify pure peanut oil is to check its physical properties by refrigerating peanut oil. Pure and high-quality peanut oil will appear solidified or semi-solidified below 12°C. The method is to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator freezer to below 12℃, and then put the peanut oil in the freezer for about 10 minutes. The pure peanut oil will appear solidified or semi-solidified. This is the physical property of the pure peanut oil, and it is also the identification of whether the peanut oil is pure and the most pure. Simple and effective method.

In general, high-quality and pure peanut oil should have the characteristics of original seed, original pressed, original color and original fragrance. I hope that through the above six identification methods, consumers who like peanut oil can choose truly pure peanut oil!


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