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Soybean oil extraction equipment production line

September 06, 2021

The production of soybeans in our country is very large, especially in the northeast region of our country, where the yield is large and the quality is good. The soybean oil produced is healthier and has high nutritional value. Although the production of soybeans in my country is very high, it is still far from satisfying the huge market demand. A large amount of raw materials need to be imported from abroad for the production of soybean oil. This shows how broad the prospects for processing soybean oil are.

Soybeans imported from abroad have a much higher oil content than domestic soybeans. They are also widely used in processing soybean oil. Regardless of the quality of imported soybeans, no clear answer can be given. At present, genetically modified soybean oil is currently on the domestic market. It is still allowed by the market. No matter what kind of oil is used to process soybean oil, it is recommended to choose the oil extraction process. Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery's oil extraction equipment manufacturer briefly gives the following introduction.

oil extraction equipment production line

1. In the edible oil market in my country, the proportion of leaching oil accounts for more than 90%, and the proportion of leaching soybean oil is even higher. The oil content of soybeans is generally low, and the high is only about 20%. The pressing method is large. Soybean oil, the residual oil rate is as high as about 8, and the use of leaching oil technology, the residual oil rate can be reduced to less than 1%, which is the fundamental reason why the majority of oil plants use leaching oil technology to process soybean oil.

2. Soybean oil leaching is not a small project. Generally, the daily processing capacity is more than tens of tons, and some can be as high as several thousand tons or even higher. There must be a reasonable plan in the early stage of investment. A ton of crude oil and refined soybean oil must meet several grades of oil standards. These problems must be clarified so that the oil equipment manufacturer can formulate a reasonable oil extraction plan based on the actual situation of the user, and recommend suitable equipment.

3. The leaching soybean oil production line covers pretreatment equipment, leaching equipment, oil refining equipment, etc. The purchase of various equipment on the production line should be paid enough attention to, from the technical content of the equipment, to the quality and performance, to the actual performance. Look at prices and services, do more investigations and research, and visit more sites to get a more intuitive understanding of manufacturers and equipment, so as to make more accurate choices.

It is very important to find a competent oil equipment manufacturer to assist with soybean oil extraction projects. Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery is recommended. Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery has more experience and oil cooperation projects are spread all over the country. Users are welcome to visit, inspect and purchase.