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Technology of removing fixed red pigment from edible oil

July 27, 2021

Decolorization of red heavier oils----Auxiliary decolorant assists activated clay to remove fixed red pigment

Grease containing fixed red pigment is processed by conventional methods (active clay decolorization), and the color is difficult to remove. Using a new type of decolorizing agent to assist activated clay for decolorization can achieve a good decolorization effect, which is ideal for the removal of fixed red pigments. The processing cost of this process is 1-2 dollars/ton, and the decolorization effect after using this process is much better than that of conventional decolorization.




1. The significant advantage of decolorizing agent assisting activated clay for decolorization

(1) Obvious decolorization effect 

①Significantly remove the fixed red pigment.

②After using this process, the color of the oil is obviously lighter without changing the amount of white clay.

③After adopting this process, the amount of white clay is reduced under the requirement of the same color of the decolorizing oil.

(2) The decolorizing agent is easy to purchase and low cost

①The decolorizing agent is widely available and can be purchased in major chemical stores; customers can choose high-quality and cheap suppliers nearby according to local characteristics.

②The processing cost per ton is only 1-2 dollars.

(3) The process is simple, and the equipment does not need to be changed

①The operating temperature of the process is below 85℃.

②The reaction time of this process is about 20min.

③No need to modify existing equipment.

④Intersperse between the two processes of degumming and white clay decolorization.


Refining equipment


2. Our company can flexibly formulate corresponding plans according to customer requirements

(1) For batch and semi-continuous production processes, without changing the equipment, on the basis of the original process, the decolorization aid process can be added.

(2) For continuous production process, only a small amount of equipment needs to be added