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The effect of early frost on corn and its preventive measures

July 27, 2021

 Early frosts pose a greater threat to crops. When the dew point temperature is below 2 degrees Celsius, frost will generally occur in the early morning of the next day, and you should be prepared and take measures:


Corn field


1. Stand on the pole and dry the skin in time

In the late stage of wax maturity, the corn is peeled and dried for 15-20 days, the water content can be reduced by 14%-18%, and the early maturity of 5-7 days can increase the corn yield by about 5%. This measure can speed up dehydration, mature earlier, avoid the frost period, and improve quality. Peeling and drying are very time-sensitive. To seize the opportunity, neither too early nor too late. Prematurely affects grouting, reduces output, and loses the meaning of drying too late. The best time for peeling and drying is in the late wax maturity period.


Corn field


2. Knock off the bottom leaves of corn, remove empty stalks and ineffective ears

Pull out the false plants, so that the limited nutrients can be concentrated to the normal plants. The bottom leaves of maize are aging, withered and yellow, and have lost their function. They must be removed in time to increase field ventilation and light transmission, reduce disease infection and reduce nutrient consumption, and improve yield and quality. Remove ineffective ears, spikelets or blind ears to reduce water and nutrient consumption to ensure that the main ears are full and increase yield.


Corn field


3. Late harvest at the right time

Maize has a strong post-maturity, and there are some nutrients in the plant that can enter the fruit after harvest. Therefore, the harvest time must be timely and late. Pay attention to the weather forecast before harvesting. Cut down the corn 2 days before the frost and put it in a "shop" for post-ripening, which can increase the yield and quality of corn, and generally increase the 1000-kernel weight by about 20%.


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