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The main ingredients and nutritional value of peanuts

July 27, 2021

Peanuts are also known as longevity fruit, also known as peanuts. There have been records of names such as pine pine, longevity fruit, and Chitose fruit in history. Peanuts are economic crops for both food and oil. They are rich in nutrients, containing about 50% fat, 24% to 36% protein, and 8 essential amino acids for humans (the content of glutamic acid and aspartic acid is higher) , It also contains rich VE, 3% minerals (especially potassium and phosphorus content), and rich plant sterols (including resveratrol and p-sitosterol, etc.), peanut's unique fragrance and nutritional value is Other legumes are incomparable.




1. The main ingredients of peanuts

Peanuts per 100 grams contain 7.3 grams of water, 24.6 grams of protein, 48.7 grams of fat, 15.3 grams of carbohydrates, 2.1 grams of crude fiber, 2 grams of ash, 36 mg of calcium, 383 mg of phosphorus, and 2 mg of iron. In addition, peanut kernels contain carotene ? 0.04 mg, thiamine 1.07 mg, riboflavin 0.11 mg, niacin 9.5 mg.

2. The nutritional value of peanuts

(1) Promote the growth and development of the human body.

Peanuts contain extremely high calcium content, which is the main component of human bones. Therefore, eating more peanuts can promote the growth and development of the human body.

(2) Promote cell development and improve intelligence.

Peanut protein contains more than ten kinds of amino acids needed by the human body. Among them, lysine can improve children's intelligence, and glutamic acid and aspartic acid can promote cell development and enhance brain memory.

(3) Anti-aging and anti-premature aging.

The catechins contained in peanuts have a strong anti-aging effect on the human body, and lysine is also an important ingredient to prevent premature aging. Regular eating of peanuts is beneficial to the human body to delay aging, so peanuts are also called "longevity fruit".




(4) Moisten the lungs and relieve cough.

Peanuts are rich in fatty oils, which can moisten the lungs and relieve coughs. They are often used for chronic cough, asthma, sputum and blood.

(5) Blood coagulation to stop bleeding.

The peanut coat contains oil and a variety of vitamins, and contains substances that shorten the clotting time, which can resist the dissolution of fibrin, promote the production of platelets in the bone marrow, and not only have a hemostatic effect on a variety of bleeding diseases, but also have a hemostatic effect on the original The disease has a certain therapeutic effect and is beneficial to the human hematopoietic function.

(6) Prevent coronary heart disease.

Peanut oil contains a lot of linoleic acid, which can decompose cholesterol into bile acid and excrete it from the body. Avoid cholesterol deposition in the body, reduce the chance of high cholesterol, and prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

(7) Nourishes blood and clears breasts.

Peanuts are rich in fatty oil and protein, which can nourish qi and blood, nourish blood and promote milk for those with insufficient postpartum milk.




(8) Prevent bowel cancer.

When the soluble fiber in peanut fibrous tissue is digested and absorbed by the human body, it will absorb liquid and other substances like a sponge, and then swell into a tape body and be excreted with feces. When these objects pass through the intestine, they come into contact with many harmful substances and absorb certain toxins, thereby reducing the accumulation of harmful substances in the body and the toxic effects produced, and reducing the chance of intestinal cancer.

Peanuts can protect the heart, and the health effects have been re-recognized. Peanuts are loved again, mainly because researchers have confirmed that peanuts are a healthy food. Most of the fat contained in peanuts is unsaturated fatty acids and does not contain cholesterol. This fatty acid not only does not block the arteries like saturated fat, but also has the reputation of "arterial scavenger", which can significantly reduce the content of total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol, and has a good preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.


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