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The difference between the row and the round row of the screw press

September 24, 2021

oil press

The row machine and the circular row machine belong to the same screw oil press. The difference between them lies in the squeezer and the press ring in the press cage. In order to distinguish between different oil presses, they are called the row machine and the circular row machine.

The oil press strip means that the press strip assembly is surrounded by a number of rectangular steel bars, polygonal steel bars and circular hoop rings into a squirrel cage-like cylindrical structure forming a number of convexities and concaves on its inner surface; two sides of rectangular steel bars There are several fine oil tanks.

The screw press that matches the round row of the oil press and the press chamber forms the press chamber, which is characterized in that cast iron is selected and molded to form a white cast iron or chilled cast iron structure. The mating surface can be directly formed by casting, or it can be obtained by placing a pre-made bushing in the mold, and then processing the bushing of the casting. The mating end surface between the circular rows is formed with axial protrusions uniformly distributed along the circumference. The height of the boss and the boss is controlled by grinding, and the middle section of the edge of the row is made into a concave shape.

The row machine is a more popular machine now, and its feed port is at the back end of the screw press power. The strip machine has reasonable design and strong wear resistance. It adopts strip strip and has a small oil line gap, which greatly reduces the amount of slagging, increases the pressure of the press chamber, and improves the oil output rate.

The circular row machine is an old-fashioned oil press design. Its feed inlet is at the front end of the screw drive. The oil line gap of the circular row oil press is 150 threads. The amount of slag is large, the pressure in the press chamber is small, and the oil output rate is lower than that of the bar. Some.

In terms of oil quality, because of the wide gap between the oil line of the round row machine, slag will appear, and the color of the squeezed oil will be black and the taste will be bitter. This does not happen to the row machine. The circular row machine is particularly troublesome to operate, and requires high technical requirements for the operator. The row machine is different, and the operation is simple. You only need to set the temperature.

The rowing machine and the round rowing machine have no choice for squeezing oil, such as common soybean, peanut, rapeseed, pepper seed, oil sunflower, cottonseed, flax, walnut, almond, coconut, cocoa bean, and corn germ. .

The circular row type oil press has no heating device, but the manufacturer who made this circular row type screw oil press also saw this point, so it is mandatory to install a heating device on the round row type screw oil press. This is Why is there a heating device on the round row oil press? In fact, this heating device does not work. The round row on the round row screw oil press is very thick, and the heating device can only heat the outer surface, but the temperature inside the host It can’t be heated at all. The two main factors required for oil extraction are temperature and pressure. Therefore, the circular row type screw press can’t do this at all; the strip type oil press can easily do it. The design of the heating device is quite reasonable. The temperature of the higher host can be heated to 300 degrees. No matter what kind of oil crops and what temperature is needed, it can be automatically adjusted, so from the heating conditions, the row The style is much more advanced than the round row style.

Whether it is a round row machine or a bar row machine, as long as the user is easy to operate and easy to use, it is a good oil press.