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The company attaches importance to the role and training of technical talents, actively introduces foreign technical experience,and through the perfect quality management system certification, production of marketable high and new, sharp products, thus in a variety of fuel, rice, wheat, corn, and other areas of the processing machinery and equipment have domestic advantage.

The grain and oil market is optimistic, and the production of oil and fat equipment has entered the fast lane

August 03, 2021

The grain and oil market is optimistic

The era of "facing the loess and backing the sky" and "farming without making money" is coming to an end. Earth-shaking changes are taking place in agriculture, farmers, and rural areas, and the processing of agricultural products has become a big business in the food industry. With the promotion of the concept of green and healthy life, healthy and green edible oil has become the pursuit of many users. The grain and oil industry will change the traditional model and reinvent itself, and edible oil will become one of the main products of grain and oil consumers. Facing the unprecedented market and the relatively heavy pressure of transformation and upgrading, can oil and fat equipment bear the heavy burden?


The grain and oil market has unlimited potential, and the oil equipment is shouldering the responsibility

It is reported that the oil yield of domestic soybean oil is 13%-15%, generally 13%, and the meal yield is roughly 88%, mainly by cold pressing. At present, the soybean oil processing technology is mainly based on the "physical pressing method", which is to crush, steam and squeeze the preferred raw materials after removing impurities and stones, so that the fat is separated from the oil, and then squeezed by a squeezer. Filtration, purification and other procedures. Soybean oil production methods are different, and the quality of the oil is also different. As more and more attention is paid to the quality of life, the concept of healthy diet and nutrition has become more popular, and the physical pressing production process has been recognized by more people.


The soybean oil market is optimistic, the extraction and production of soybean oil has entered the fast lane, and the breakthrough of soybean oil equipment research and development has entered a new intersection. Undoubtedly, when consumers place high demands on output and quality, soybean oil production needs to undergo a comprehensive upgrade and transformation, and among these, the most prominent is the R&D and application of oil and fat equipment. The investigation found that many edible oil production lines in my country are mainly labor-intensive, which is not only low in efficiency, but also high in production and operation costs. "Machine substitution" has become a major development trend in the entire industry, and the innovation of the oil production line is imminent. In addition to common equipment such as soybean oil presses, filters, oil refining equipment, and oil filtration equipment, there is also an urgent need to improve the level of mechanization in soybean selection, rough processing and packaging. Edible oil filling machines and liquid packaging machines have all made major breakthroughs, but further popularization is needed to improve the efficiency of the entire production line.


There is an old Chinese saying that "the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the bitter cold." Without the winter test of equipment technology research and development, it is rare for the grain and oil industry to flourish. No matter which industry, it takes ten years of hard work as a day. It must be down-to-earth, but it must also be breakthrough and new, and keep up with the pace of the times in order to occupy a high ground. When the field of edible oil production is in full swing, the country has continuously released dividends to the agricultural processing sector or small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of policy and entry.