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What are the development prospects of investing in palm oil processing plants?

August 03, 2021

Investment in palm oil processing plants has a stable and broad market development prospect, which is mainly reflected in the sufficient raw materials for palm oil processing, large market demand, and large profit margins.

palm oil processing plants

1. Sufficient processing materials


In the beginning, palm fruit trees were a crop that had four seasons of flowering and fruiting and had long-term harvests. It was able to provide a stable and continuous supply of raw materials for palm fruit processing, and the yield of palm fruit per hectare was five times higher than that of peanuts in the same area and higher than soybeans. Out nine times. Therefore, palm oil is a variety of vegetable oil with long-term harvest and high yield.


2. Large market demand


Palm oil has multiple uses in the catering industry, food industry, and oleochemical industry. Palm oil is currently the world’s largest vegetable oil in terms of production, consumption and international trade, accounting for 30% of the world’s total oil consumption. This means that there is a large demand for palm oil in the market and there are more sales channels.


3. Large profit margins


The profit margin of the investment in the production of palm oil processing plants is our focus and is also one of the main criteria for measuring the development prospects of the project. The following is the profit analysis of Guorui Oils and Fats' customers using palm oil processing equipment to process 10 tons of palm fruit, for your reference:


Raw material: palm fruit bunch, containing about 65% of palm fruit (of which palm pulp accounts for about 52%, palm kernel accounts for about 13%)


Oil output rate: about 26%, of which the residual oil rate is about 6%


Processing capacity: 10 tons/hour, 8 hours a day


Power consumption: 20kw/h


Workers: 2


In summary, the development prospects of investing in palm oil processing plants are quite impressive. In addition, in addition to considering the development prospects of palm oil processing plants, it is also necessary to configure a set of palm oil processing equipment with fast working efficiency, high oil yield, and high cost-effectiveness, which can not only reduce investment costs, but also speed up the return of the investment amount. . If you don't know how to configure suitable palm oil processing equipment, you can call Henan Zhongxing Grain And Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd. to design a suitable palm oil processing equipment configuration for you.