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The high residual oil content of the leaching meal of soybean extraction equipment may be caused by these four factors

September 10, 2021

   Soybean leaching equipment uses organic solvents to dissolve oils. After soaking and spraying, it can efficiently extract oils in soybeans. It can also be used for pre-extraction of rapeseed, peanut, cottonseed, sesame and other oil crops. The oil extraction rate of the extraction equipment is higher than that of the pressed oil. The residual oil in the soybean meal after the extraction method is less than 1%, and the soybean meal that has been leached at one time has high protein content and good quality due to the low temperature. And the use value is high, can be widely used in food raw materials.

  In production, the oil content of the cake in the leaching equipment will also be affected by various factors. The reasons that affect the residual oil content of the leaching equipment are as follows: soybean extraction equipment

  1, the nature of the raw material; whether the raw material leached in one leaching is controlled below 0.3mm in thickness, less than 10% moisture, whether it is fully steamed, whether there is "white heart", and what is the powder degree.


  2, leaching temperature; proper leaching temperature can promote diffusion, increase the thermal movement of molecules, and reduce the viscosity of grease and solvent, which can increase the leaching speed, or reduce the residual oil rate in the meal within the same leaching time.


  3, solvent and oil contact (soaking or spraying) time; namely leaching time. The leaching time should ensure that the oil molecules have enough time to diffuse into the solvent, but too long leaching will not work. A balance between the equipment capacity and the amount of residual oil in the dry meal must be achieved according to the actual situation.


       4, The influence of solvent ratio and mixed oil concentration; if the solvent ratio is too small, the mixed oil concentration will be too high, and the leaching effect will not be achieved or partly will not be achieved, and the residual oil content in the dry meal will increase, but the solvent ratio is too large, mixing Too low oil concentration will increase the burden on the evaporation system and affect the production capacity of the entire system.


       The above are the factors that affect the oil content of soybean meal after leaching from the soybean leaching equipment. The residual oil in the meal will reduce the profit of the manufacturer. Paying attention to the above matters can reduce the residual oil in the meal as much as possible, allowing the oil to be fully leached, saving costs, and avoiding Waste, so that our economic interests can be better protected.