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What are the applications of the by-products obtained in the production of soybean refining equipment and extraction equipment?

September 09, 2021

The oil content of soybeans is relatively low, around 20%. Most oil plants use a one-time extraction process with soybean extraction equipment to produce soybean oil. Soy leaching equipment must be used in conjunction with soybean oil refining equipment, because the soybean leaching equipment uses solvent soaking to extract oil when leaching crude oil. Although the solvent in the oil is recovered, a small amount of solvent remains in the crude oil. Therefore, soybean oil refining equipment is required to refine and remove this part of the solvent and impurities during the refining process. Soybean meal and soybean oil feet can be obtained in the process of leaching and refining soybeans. These two by-products have high utilization value and can be used in food, medicine, cosmetics, feed and other industries.

 soybean oil

Soybean meal is a by-product obtained after soybean oil is extracted by soybean extraction equipment, and has a high protein content. From soybean meal, high-protein feed soybean meal, concentrated protein, isolated protein, low-denaturation defatted soybean meal, dietary fiber, protein peptide, amino acids, saponins, oligosaccharides, etc. can be obtained. It is the main raw material for making livestock and poultry feed. It can also be used to make pastry food, health food, cosmetics and antibiotic raw materials.

 Soybean extraction equipment

Soybean oil feet is the sediment of soybean oil that is left to stand after the hydration and degumming process of refining equipment is called oil feet. The main components of soybean oil feet are phospholipids, neutral oil, moisture and other lipids, in addition to a small amount Of protein, carbohydrates, waxes, pigments and organic and inorganic impurities. Soybean oil feet are rich in cephalin and lecithin. The phospholipid oil extracted from the oil feet can be refined, separated, purified and refined to obtain cephalin and lecithin. Modern medical research points out that lecithin and cephalin can be converted into acetylcholine in the human body, which has important physiological and medical effects. Phospholipid oil extracted from oil feet can also be used as a defoamer in the process of producing tofu, or as a chemical raw material for making fatty acids and other medicines. Sterols and vitamin E can also be extracted from soybean oil feet. Natural vitamins are important additives for medicine, food, feed, and cosmetics, and are a natural antioxidant. Phytosterols have the ability to regulate high cholesterol and blood lipids and anti-tumor capabilities. β-Sitol also has anti-inflammatory activity and has anti-aging effects in the synthesis of fatty acids.

 Soybean refining equipment

In the production process of soybean oil, it is not only soybean oil that can bring benefits to oil plants. The value of soybean by-products is even greater than the value of soybean oil. This is why the soybean oil yield rate is low, but the price of soybean oil still has not risen. With the deepening of the research on the functional components of soybeans and the further expansion of the comprehensive development and utilization of soybeans, it is believed that it can also be applied to more industries. Making full use of the residual value of soybeans can bring more benefits to oil plants.

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