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The relationship between oil processing and oil composition and its temperature and conditions suitable for pressing

September 28, 2021

oil processing

Our common oil crops are composed of tens of thousands of cells rich in oil. Under normal circumstances, the cells are intact and are not destroyed. They are contained in the cells by cellulose. At this time, the raw materials are in solid form. It will not show any liquid or oil content, but the raw materials rich in fat cells will be extremely active at high temperatures, and the fluidity of the fat will also increase. After squeezing, it is very easy to remove the Liquid oil molecules are separated from the body. This is the oil extraction process that we often see, and it is also a manifestation of the relationship between the fluidity of the oil and the temperature and the pressing conditions.

In the process of oil pressing in our country, the oil extraction of basic raw materials is done by the oil press equipment, and the working principle of the oil press equipment must conform to the characteristics of the oil solid-liquid conversion. The opposite is definitely counterproductive. The reason why the cold pressing process has not been fully developed.

In the vast land of our country, the varieties of oil crops have reached more than 30 conventional crops, and the planting area is nearly 350,000 square kilometers. The main types are peanuts and rapeseed in South China, soybeans in Northeast my country, and rapeseed in Jiangnan. Flax and oil sunflower in the northwest. Under the influence of the growth process and the environment, these crops have formed different firmness and oil-containing components, and they also behave strangely in the formation of cells, which causes different oil crops to have different oil output temperatures and pressure ratios.

The design of grease processing equipment is largely to meet the pressure and temperature of the raw materials. If this design is fully implemented, then we can say that the design of grease processing equipment is reasonable and the use is ideal. But on the contrary, it cannot be used as an effective oil output equipment to satisfy our edible oil production. This is why there are so many markets for fully automatic temperature-controlled grease processing equipment and can squeeze a variety of grease raw materials.