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The significance of cleaning up the oil before pressing the oil

September 23, 2021

oil press

The impurities contained in the oil are divided into three categories:

Inorganic impurities: mainly dust, sand, stones, metals, etc.; organic impurities: mainly stems and leaves, husks, wormwood, twine, particles, etc.; oil impurities: mainly disease and insect pests, imperfect particles, heterogeneous oil seeds Wait.

Most of the impurities contained in the oil do not contain oil. In the process of oil preparation, not only the oil will not be produced, but a certain amount of oil will remain in the cake, which will reduce the oil yield and increase the oil loss. The mud contained in the oil. Impurities such as plant stems and leaves, hulls, etc., will darken the color of the extracted oil, increase the sediment, produce peculiar smell, reduce the quality of crude oil, and also adversely affect the quality of by-products such as cakes and phospholipids.

In the production process, the stones in the oil. The entry of hard materials such as iron cones into production equipment and conveying equipment, especially high-speed rotating production equipment, will wear and destroy the working parts of the equipment, shorten the service life of the equipment, and even cause production accidents. Wormwood in oil. Long weaving impurities such as hemp rope can easily be entangled on the transmission shaft of the equipment or block the inlet and outlet of the equipment, which will affect the normal production and cause equipment failure. The flying dust in the oil during the transportation and production process caused environmental pollution in the workshop and worsened working conditions.

Therefore, the effective cleaning and impurity removal of the oil before the preparation of the oil can reduce the loss of oil, increase the oil yield, improve the quality of the oil, cake and by-products, reduce the wear of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and avoid Production accidents ensure the safety of production, increase the effective processing capacity of oil, reduce and eliminate dust in the workshop, and improve the operating environment.