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There is no difference between the edible oil extraction method and the pressing method

August 10, 2021

The pros and cons of genetically modified and non-GM edible oils, and the pros and cons of edible oil leaching and pressing methods have always been issues of debate among consumers. At the annual academic meeting of the Grease Branch of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, many experts expressed their opinions on the rumors of "oil processing and nutrition".


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It is understood that some guests have thrown out the "inferior quality of leaching oil" in the TV program, thinking that the oil produced by the edible oil leaching process contains chemical residues and is inferior to the squeezing method. 

According to Wang Ruiyuan, president of the Oil Branch of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, there are generally two methods for preparing edible vegetable oils, namely, the pressing method and the leaching method. The squeezing method uses a mechanical squeezing method to extract oil from the oil, and the leaching method uses the extraction principle to extract the oil from the oil with a food-grade solvent. "Whether it is leaching oil or pressing oil, as long as it meets my country's edible oil quality standards and hygienic standards, it is a good and safe edible oil, and consumers can eat it with confidence." 

According to experts, the current international practice is: vegetable oils with higher oil content (such as peanuts and rapeseeds) are usually squeezed and then leached to produce oil; vegetable oils with lower oil content (such as soybeans, etc.), The direct leaching process is usually used to make oil. In order to make full use of the oil and speed up the economic benefits, the oil cake after squeezing generally has to continue to be leached to make oil. Compared with the edible oil squeezing process, the edible oil extraction process has the advantages of less residual oil in the meal, high oil yield, low processing cost, good production conditions, and full utilization of oil resources.


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The blended oil is not nutritious? There is no scientific basis for this.

Jin Qingzhe, deputy head of the expert group of the Oils and Fats Branch of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, also said that the refined oil obtained through oil refining contains a variety of nutrients, and the blended oil is a scientific formula of two or more oils. There is no scientific basis for saying that "the blended oil is not good" and "not nutritious".

In the discussion about "genetically modified oil", the experts participating in the meeting also explained: Taking "genetically modified oil" as an example, because the genetically modified ingredients in the oil are the carrier of protein and are not combined with fat, the edible oil produced from the genetically modified oil is used. There are also no genetically modified ingredients in it. The edible oil produced with genetically modified oil is safe, and consumers can eat it with confidence.