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Three kinds of effects on oil caused by poor dephosphorization of oil refining equipment

September 09, 2021

Whether it is the pressing method or the leaching method, the crude oil produced will contain a certain amount of phospholipids, which will be removed first in the oil refining equipment. At present, the method of removing phospholipids in oil refining equipment is mainly hydration, that is, adding a certain amount of hot water to crude oil to make the impurities in the oil absorb water and expand, and then separate them after agglomeration to achieve dephosphorization. Purpose, this method is suitable for removing hydrated phospholipids. However, phospholipids also contain about 10% of non-hydratable phospholipids, which are hydrophobic and difficult to remove by conventional hydration methods.

Oil refining equipment 

Poor removal of phospholipids will have a great impact on oils, mainly including the following three:

1. Affect the use of grease.

Poor dephosphorization will make the fat look turbid and dull, and will produce a lot of foam and black precipitation during cooking, which will affect the color and flavor of stir-fried dishes, and at the same time lose its own nutritional value.

2. It is not conducive to the safe storage of edible oil.

Phospholipids have strong water absorption and emulsification ability. During oil production and storage, enzymes, microorganisms and water will be brought into the oil to promote the hydrolysis and rancidity of oils. Especially in vegetable oils with a high content of non-hydratable phospholipids, they are often accompanied by high Excessive metal ions, the presence of these metal ions can cause vegetable oils to rancid, revert the color of the oils, and have undesirable flavors.

3. Affect the smooth progress of the subsequent refining process (especially physical refining) of oil refining equipment.

Whether the phospholipid removal is clean, firstly, it has a great impact on the subsequent refining processes such as oil deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization. If the phospholipid removal is not clean, it will first increase the burden of the subsequent process and increase the oil refining loss, and secondly affect the use of equipment , Such as equipment coking, which will affect the heat transfer effect; the filter screen of the filter is easy to block, which affects the filtering speed; increasing the amount of white clay makes it difficult to decolorize, etc.; foam will be generated during high temperature deodorization, which will make the deodorized oil coking bitter; especially for physical refining The effect of the deacidification process is more prominent. If the fat content in the oil is too high, physical refining cannot be carried out. Physical refining has very strict requirements on the content of fats and oils. Generally, the content is required to be below 15mg/kg, preferably below 5mg/kg. Therefore, it is difficult for the general hydration degumming to meet this requirement.

Therefore, this "non-hydratable phospholipid" must be converted into a hydrated phospholipid to be easily separated. The calcium magnesium phospholipid salt is easily converted into hydrated phospholipids under the action of acidic electrolytes such as phosphoric acid and citric acid. This is why a certain amount of phosphoric acid is added to the oil during the hydration operation. In addition, phospholipase treatment can also convert non-hydratable phospholipids into hydrated phospholipids.

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