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Introduce you what kinds of leaching equipment

September 09, 2021

   Grease extraction equipment is to use organic solvents to dissolve grease to extract the grease in the oil. Because of its low processing cost, high oil yield, high labor efficiency, and convenient operation and maintenance, it is favored by major oil factories. So what types of leaching equipment are there? Next, I will introduce the types of leaching equipment.


Although there are many types of leaching equipment, they are nothing more than batch and continuous types.


Intermittent leaching equipment

       The characteristic is that its working method is carried out in batches. We put the raw materials into the leaching equipment at one time. After the processing of this batch of raw materials is completed, the next batch of raw materials is processed. This is the work of the batch leaching equipment. Method, because the operation is more complicated, it is usually suitable for small-scale production;


Continuous leaching equipment

   It is to continuously put the raw materials into the leaching equipment for continuous processing. This processing method of the leaching equipment is usually suitable for large-scale assembly line production.

  leaching equipment

  The leaching equipment is classified according to the leaching method, and can be divided into three types: immersion type, percolation type and mixed type.

   Immersion leaching equipment: such as tank type, U-shaped, double D-shaped vertical spiral, etc.;

   infiltration type (spray type) leaching equipment: such as crawler type, vertical basket type, etc.;

   Hybrid leaching equipment: such as flat-rotating, ring-shaped, frame-bucket-shaped leaching equipment, etc.


  When purchasing leaching equipment, you can choose the appropriate leaching equipment according to your actual needs.