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Oil mills producing rice bran oil can use these four methods to increase the oil yield of finished products

September 09, 2021

Rice bran oil has high starch content and many kinds of enzymes. It is easy to be rancid and not suitable for long-term storage. The free fatty acid content of rice bran oil usually obtained from rice bran is about 10%, which makes the loss of rice bran oil refining equipment higher in the process of refining oil. In addition, rice bran oil is different from other bulk oils. It contains a certain amount of bran wax solid fat, which makes the process of processing first-grade rice bran oil more complicated. There are many factors affecting the yield of rice bran oil products, so the yield of high-end rice bran oil products The changes are large, ranging from 40% to 70%.

 Rice bran oil

There are four ways to increase the yield of rice bran oil products:

1. Carry out puffing pretreatment on rice bran in time.

On the one hand, through the puffing treatment, the powdered rice bran can be expanded into a porous and air-permeable columnar structure, which increases the density of the rice bran and speeds up the penetration of the solvent, which is conducive to the penetration of the solvent during the leaching process and reduces the residue of the bran. Oil; on the other hand, through the puffing treatment, the lipase in the rice bran can be fully inactivated and inactivated, so that the rice bran is not easily rancid during the storage process, prolongs the shelf life of the rice bran, and greatly reduces the acidity of the extracted crude oil. Value, effectively improve the quality of rice bran leached crude oil. Therefore, after the rice bran is expanded, it can not only increase the output, but also improve the leaching characteristics of the material, increase the penetration rate of the solvent in the material, save energy in the subsequent processing procedures, reduce the soluble content of wet meal, and increase the concentration of mixed oil. Enhance the desolventizing capacity of the steamer and evaporator, reduce various consumption, and increase the oil yield of rice bran.

2. Dewaxing by solvent method.

Calculated based on the average wax content of crude oil of 3.5%, the yield of solvent dewaxing product oil is 5% higher than that of conventional dewaxing. The conventional dewaxing method can increase the dewaxing filtration speed by optimizing the crystallization curve, and increase the product oil yield by about 1.5%.

3. Using physical refining technology.

If the oil acid value is 20mg/g. Using physical refining technology, the yield of refined oil will increase by 5% compared to chemical refining. At the same time, the refined oil obtained by physical refining has a lighter color and better quality of the refined oil.

4. Dewaxing and alkali refining in the state of mixed oil.

The low viscosity of the oil can greatly increase the dewaxing rate. The completion of dewaxing and alkali refining in the mixed oil state can increase the product oil by about 10%, and the yield of the first grade oil can exceed 70%.

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