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Treatment of Mixed Oil by Rapeseed Oil Processing Machinery

September 29, 2021

Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil processing machinery is a professional rapeseed oil processing equipment. In the process of producing rapeseed oil, in order to ensure the quality of the product, the requirements for rapeseed oil processing machinery are also higher, and in the process of use, it needs to have environmental protection and other characteristics. At the same time, the processing of the mixed oil by the rapeseed oil processing machinery is divided into three steps:


One is the solid-liquid separation of mixed oil. Let the mixed oil pass through the filter medium (100 mesh screen), and the solid rapeseed meal contained in it will be intercepted to obtain a cleaner mixed oil; or use the method of centrifugal sedimentation to separate the coarse powder in the mixed oil, which is the use of mixing The density of each component of the oil is different, and the centrifugal rotation is used to produce the difference in the size of the centrifugal force, so that the rapeseed meal powder sinks and the liquid rises, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the mixed oil.


The second is the evaporation of mixed oil. It uses the characteristics of oil and fat that are almost non-volatile, and the solvent has a low boiling point and is easy to volatilize. By heating, most of the solvent in the mixed oil is vaporized, so that the concentration of the oil in the mixed oil is greatly increased.


The third is the stripping of mixed oil. Through evaporation, the concentration of the mixed oil is greatly increased, but the boiling point of the solvent also increases. Steam stripping is distillation with water vapor, that is, using the incompatible characteristics of the mixed oil and water, direct steam with a certain pressure is passed into the concentrated mixed oil with a high boiling point, thereby reducing the boiling point of the high boiling point solvent and making the uncondensed Direct steam entrains the distilled solvent into the condenser for condensation and recovery. After the stripping is completed, the solvent vapor is condensed and cooled for recycling, and the mixed oil after the above treatment becomes rapeseed crude oil.

At the same time, rapeseed oil processing machinery needs to go through the refining process of rapeseed oil after processing the mixed oil. In the next time, we will continue to tell you about it.