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Oil press equipment classification

September 29, 2021

The process of squeezing oil is the process of squeezing the fat from the raw material with the help of the oil press equipment. The oil press equipment itself has many kinds of working principles and structural forms. The available oil press equipment mainly includes hydraulic oil press and screw oil press.

Oil press equipment

Classification of oil press equipment:

1. Hydraulic oil press equipment

The hydraulic oil press equipment squeezes the oil by using the principle of hydrostatic pressure transmission to apply static pressure to the formed oil embryo to extract the oil. For special oils and certain occasions, hydraulic oil press equipment has its own unique function.

hydraulic oil press

Hydraulic oil press equipment has a wide range of pressure chamber pressure and good adjustability; it can adapt to a variety of oils and a variety of oil production processes, including cold pressing, hot pressing, etc.; but the single-machine production efficiency of hydraulic oil press equipment is low and there are many equipment And it covers a large area. Therefore, hydraulic oil press equipment is generally only applied to certain scattered oils (such as rice bran, wild oil) and oils that need to maintain special flavor or nutrients (such as sesame). 

2. Screw oil press equipment

Spiral oil press equipment is a continuous oil press equipment that uses a screw shaft to rotate and propel the raw material in the press cage while extruding into cakes and extruding grease. Compared with hydraulic oil press equipment, the intuitive features of screw oil press equipment are continuous production, large single machine processing capacity, adapt to a variety of oils, dynamic squeezing, friction heating, short squeezing time, and higher oil yield. , The thin cake is easy to crush, and the operation labor intensity is low.

screw oil press

Screw press equipment is usually divided into pressing, two-stage pressing and multi-stage pressing according to the number of pressing stages; according to the use of screw press equipment, it can be divided into primary pressing, pre-pressing, cold pressing, etc.; according to production capacity, screw pressing Oil press equipment can be divided into large screw press equipment, medium screw press equipment, small screw press equipment, etc. The structure of the screw press equipment includes the feed device, the press chamber (including the press cage and the screw shaft), the transmission coefficient of the cake adjusting mechanism, and the frame.