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Purpose of vegetable oil refining

September 29, 2021

Vegetable oil refining refers to the use of vegetable oil refining equipment to refine crude oil (that is, unrefined oil extracted by pressing, leaching, etc.). The main component of crude oil is triglyceride, and there are also non-triglyceride components, that is, impurities. The purpose of vegetable oil refining is to remove the impurities contained in the vegetable oil, maintain the biological properties of the vegetable oil, and retain or extract useful substances. In fact, the purpose of vegetable oil refining is not to remove the entire impurities, but to selectively remove impurities.

 Vegetable oil refining equipment

According to the composition and properties of impurities in crude oil, the impurities in crude oil can be divided into 4 categories.

①Insoluble solid impurities

Solid impurities such as silt, embryo powder, cake residue, fiber, etc.

②Peptic impurities

Phospholipids, proteins, carbohydrates, etc., the main ones are phospholipids.

③Oil-soluble impurities

Free fatty acids, pigments, tocopherols, waxes, aldehydes, and trace metals.


Moisture not only affects the transparency of vegetable oils but also promotes hydrolysis and rancidity of vegetable oils.

Most impurities in vegetable oil are detrimental to vegetable oil quality and storage safety. The purpose of vegetable oil refining is to avoid the following situations: vegetable oil deterioration caused by insoluble impurities and acidic substances; free fatty acids affect the flavor; vegetable oil turbidity caused by phospholipids; the effect of various pigments on oil color, etc. Vegetable oil refining is beneficial to enhance the storage stability of oil, change the flavor of oil, change the color of oil, and provide raw materials for deep-processed oil products.