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Vegetable oil refining and deodorization process

September 28, 2021

The refining and deodorizing process of vegetable oil is based on the big difference in volatility between oil (triglyceride) and the substances that affect the flavor, smell, color and stability of vegetable oil. The vegetable oil refining and deodorizing process uses a distillation method that sprays direct steam into the vegetable oil under high vacuum and high temperature conditions. The main purpose of the vegetable oil refining and deodorization process is to remove odor-causing substances and volatile substances in vegetable oils, change the smell and color of vegetable oils, and speed up the stability of the oils.

 Vegetable oil refining and deodorization process

Process classification of vegetable oil refining and deodorization:

1. Intermittent vegetable oil refining and deodorization process

The intermittent vegetable oil refining and deodorization process is a process in which the vegetable oil is heated in a deodorization pot in batches, sprayed with direct steam, and cooled to complete the deodorization process of the vegetable oil.

2. At present, most oil processing plants generally use plate type deodorizing towers for continuous oil refining. The continuous vegetable oil refining and deodorization process is based on the film theory. The oil is in the tower from top to bottom, direct steam from bottom to top and the oil uniformly forms a thin film on the surface of the packing, countercurrent mass transfer and gas stripping, and direct steam repeatedly contacts the oil. . The structured packing tower has simple structure, large specific surface area, good dispersion of liquid and gas on the packing surface, fast mass transfer and low pressure drop. Since the stripping steam in the structured packed tower deodorization system is not in contact with the oil in a bubbling manner like a plate tower, there is no splash loss, little loss of neutral oil, short deodorization time, and good product quality.