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Walnut oil production equipment

September 06, 2021

Walnut oil is a healthy edible oil with high nutritional value and is loved and consumed by consumers. Processing walnut oil is also a very popular investment project, especially in the main walnut producing areas in China, such as Xinjiang, Shanxi, and Qinling in Shaanxi. In the area and Anhui and other places, processing walnut oil is an ideal choice for investment in oil processing. The edible oil market is highly competitive, and walnut oil processing is a good way out.

To make walnut oil processing, it is necessary to highlight the quality of walnut oil. Although processing walnut oil is suitable for many processes, in comparison, the pressing method is still a more popular technology, and most users of walnut oil processing in the market also use this method, especially It is cold-pressed walnut oil, which has good quality and can retain the nutrition and flavor of walnut oil. When making pressed walnut oil, you may wish to start with cold walnut oil.


Walnut oil


Cold pressing walnut oil requires oil equipment to complete. The processed walnut kernels can be sent to the hydraulic oil press for priming, and the pressed cake is sent to the screw press again for pressing, which can fully improve the output of the walnut kernels. Oil rate, the crushed crude oil is sent to the oil refining equipment for effective refining, so that high-quality walnut oil can be obtained. This is inseparable from the support of the oil press and refining equipment. How to choose a more reasonable choice is recommended by Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery. The specific reasons are as follows.

1. Zhongxing has strong strength in oil processing technology. According to the actual production needs of users, it has formulated a more practical and feasible oil refining plan. The walnut oil squeezing and refining plan provided by Zhongxing manufacturers has higher feasibility.

2. For pressing walnut oil, whether it is a hydraulic oil press or a screw oil press, the Zhongxing oil press brand is superior, with high oil yield, good oil quality, and high efficiency, which is higher than the ordinary ones on the market. This machine can squeeze walnut oil with good quality for users.

3. High-quality walnut oil cannot be completed by pressing alone. At this time, Zhongxing's oil refining equipment is needed to complete the process. An effective and complete refining can achieve the walnut oil up to the first-class oil standard and go on sale smoothly. , Higher quality, higher profit conversion rate.

4. Choosing walnut oil processing equipment. The reason why Zhongxing Grease Machinery is recommended is not only because of the high quality and low price of the equipment, but also because of Zhongxing’s long history of development. It has more experience in the field of oil processing and has countless oil projects. It can truly be a user Bring in more income.

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