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What are the main equipment in the palm oil refining workshop?

September 16, 2021

Main equipment of palm oil refining workshop

Centrifuges, filters, steam jet pumps, and deodorizing towers are all the main equipment in the palm oil refining workshop. These equipment all play an important role in the palm oil refining workshop.

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1. Centrifuge

Centrifuge is one of the main equipment for oil refining. At present, two companies, Alfa-Laval and Westphalia, dominate the world. Perhaps it is the first set of 50t/d Alfa-Laval centrifuges and As a result of the supporting alkali refining equipment, almost the entire industry in the industry is interested in Alfa-Laval centrifuges. But with the further understanding of foreign technology, people found that it also has superior performance, and it is better to treat poor quality crude oil with Westfalia centrifuge.


2. Filter

In the oil processing technology, filtration is a necessary means to achieve solid and liquid separation. Vertical blade filters are used in modern oil processing.

The world-recognized vertical leaf filter is undoubtedly a product produced by the Dutch company Ama. In fact, almost all the well-known oil refining complete equipment companies in the world use the company's products. Several domestic companies have digested the company's equipment and produced similar products. After several years of practical application and improvement, the quality is close to the level of Ama's products.


3. Steam jet pump

The vacuum residual pressure required for oil deodorization is usually 200-600Pa, which can be achieved by domestically produced vacuum pumps, but the steam consumption is large. The most widely used vacuum pump brand in the oil refining industry in the world is Korting in Germany. Its products are highly favored by people in the industry because of their vacuum stability and low steam consumption.


4. Deodorization tower

The deodorization tower used for the continuous deodorization of vegetable oil in China is a multi-layer disc deodorization tower. Later, a horizontal deodorization tower was designed, and it is still used within the scope of needs. However, with the continuous update of grease equipment and the continuous expansion of scale, the multi-layer vertical deodorization tower has been widely promoted because of its shallow material layer structure and the characteristics that each layer of vacuum does not cross each other and can be applied to different processing volumes. application.