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Calculation of loss in refining workshop

September 16, 2021

refining workshop

 1. Soybean oil

(1) Edamame oil → neutralized oil

 Loss = FFA reduction + phospholipid reduction + soapstock oil loss + moisture reduction

  (1) FFA reduction

      Crude oil FFA: 1.3%

      Neutralizing oil FFA: 0.08%

      Reduction: 1.22%

  (2) Decreased amount of phospholipid

       Phosphorus: Phospholipid=1: 25

       Phosphorus in crude oil: 750PPM converted to phospholipid: 1.875%

       Phosphorus in neutralized oil: 2PPM converted to phospholipid: 0.005%

       Phospholipid reduction: 1.87%

  (3) Loss of oil in soapstock

       Phospholipids in soap feet: 40% oil: 18% water: 42%

       Loss of neutral oil = reduced amount of phospholipid ÷ phospholipid content in soapstock × soapstock oil content = 1.87%÷40%×18%=0.84%

  (4) Reduction of water impurities

Moisture content of crude oil: 0.12%

Water content of neutralized oil: 0.05%

Water reduction: 0.07%

Loss of crude oil to neutralized oil=1.22%+1.87%+0.84%+0.07%


(2) Neutralizing oil → salad oil

        Neutralizing oil FFA: 0.08%

        Decolorizing oil FFA: 0.12%

        Salad oil FFA: 0.03%

Loss = adsorption loss of waste clay + FA loss + invisible loss

  (1) Adsorption loss of waste clay

           Waste clay contains oil: 30% clay consumption 1.3%

           Adsorption loss of waste white clay = amount of white clay ÷ waste white clay soil content × waste white clay oil content



  (2) Loss of FA

           FFA content of FA: 45% Oil content: 55%

           Loss of FA = (Decolorizing oil FFA-Salad oil FFA) ÷ FFA content of FA



  (3) Invisible loss: 0.1%

       Loss of neutralized oil to salad oil=0.56%+0.2%+0.1%


     From the above: the loss of salad oil=4+0.86%


 2. Loss of palm oil

Because palm oil is physically refined, it only goes through decolorization and deodorization processes, which is equivalent to the calculation of soybean oil from neutralized oil to salad oil.