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What is palm oil?

September 17, 2021

palm oil

    Palm oil is an important part of the world's fats and oils market, and it accounts for more than 30% of the world's total fats and oils production.

    Palm oil is extracted from the palm fruit (Elaeis Guineensis) on the oil palm tree. The oil extracted from the pulp is called Palm Oil, and the oil extracted from the kernel is called Palm Kernel Oil. ), the composition of the two oils is quite different. Palm oil mainly contains two common fatty acids: palmitic acid (C 16) and oleic acid (C 18). Palm oil is saturated with about 50%; palm kernel oil mainly contains lauric acid (C 12) with a saturation of 80% above. Traditionally, palm oil only refers to crude palm oil (CPO) and refined palm oil (RPO) extracted from palm pulp, and does not include palm kernel oil.

    Palm oil is a non-GMO vegetable oil that can replace soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil. Palm oil can make many kinds of delicious foods, such as Mengniu and Yili's ice cream, Master Kong, Hualong's instant noodles, coffee, chocolate, butter, biscuits, etc., all of which are processed with palm oil as an important raw material.

    Palm oil is usually used directly as edible oil, or made into crunchy fat and margarine, and is more commonly used in cooking and food manufacturing. Due to its moderate degree of unsaturation, the content of fatty acids that are prone to oxidative deterioration is very small. The rich natural vitamin E and tocotrienols are natural and efficient antioxidants, which makes palm oil more suitable for cooking, frying and baking foods. . It is recommended that if you make fried potato chips, fried dough balls (balls), and make bread, biscuits, pastries, cream, sweets or chocolate, coffee cream and other foods, palm oil is suitable.

    In China, refined palm oil is generally divided into 24°C palm oil, 33°C palm oil, and 44°C palm oil according to specifications. The former two are mostly used in the cooking and frying of foods (bread, biscuits, candy, instant noodles), and 44°C. Palm oil is used in soap and oleochemical industries.