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What is the best quality index for free fatty acids? What are the reasons for the excessive free fatty acids?

September 17, 2021


Free fatty acid and acid value:

Because palm oil uses high-temperature vacuum technology in the refining process, steam can almost take away all free fatty acids, so free fatty acids are a good quality index and hygienic index for evaluating palm oil. The lower the value, the higher the degree of refining and the harmful content. The substance is also lower. In recent years, among the hundreds of batches of palm oil inspected by our port, the free fatty acid results are basically:

Palm soft fat, palm oil, and palm kernel oil are less than 0.1%, and palm stearin is less than 0.2%. And sometimes the free fatty acid c-label is detected, after analysis, there are several reasons:


①Transport under the sun, especially after the high temperature in summer, the sudden thunderstorm (common in Southeast Asian climate) can make the free fatty acid rise sharply, once it rises, it is difficult to fall back.


② If only the bottom layer of the container (large wheel or iron drum) is drawn, the free fatty acid test result will be higher because the lower layer contains more palm stearin. Therefore, the mixed sample should be drawn from the top, middle and bottom according to the standard according to the required ratio.


③Because palm cabinet oil products often need to be heated when tested in the laboratory, and the free fatty acid value is often artificially accelerated due to sudden heat, which affects the test result. The acid value test method is the same as that of free fatty acid, and it has the same needs as free fatty acid. Conversion relationship: acid value×0.453=free fatty acid (calculated as palmitic acid, %) In addition, when the detected free fatty acid content is low but the moisture content is high, pay attention to whether the container (iron drum or cabin) contains moisture .