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What are the factors affecting palm oil fractionation?

September 17, 2021

palm oil

(1) Uneven sampling or insufficient temperature, stratification leads to uneven distribution of solid fat in raw materials, resulting in large differences in melting points.

(2) The raw materials with suitable solid fat content are not selected, and there are blind spots in the process control during the crystallization fractionation.

(3) Improper selection of crystallization rate and time. It is better to consider speeding up the production capacity and speeding up the stability of the finished product as s selection when setting the menu, and determine the best equilibrium control point in a short time as much as possible, such as 10℃, 12 Considering slow cooling of palm oil at 14°C and 14°C, the crystallization time is 25-40 h; palm oil at 16°C and 18°C ​​can choose a rapid cooling, and the crystallization time is 6-20 h.

(4) Selection of the material and cooling rate of the crystallization tank coil.

(5) For the choice of membrane filter, choose imported or joint venture brand filters as much as possible.

(6) Reasonable design and efficient use of the degree of process automation, as far as possible to reduce artificial influence factors.

(7) Resolutely stop the phenomenon of mixing different products, equipment and pipeline residues, need to be purged, otherwise it will seriously affect the stability of the product.