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The ideal raw material for biomass fuel-palm empty fruit bunch

September 17, 2021

Biomass Moulding Fuel (BMF) uses wood chips, straws, palm empty fruit bunches and other agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials, through crushing, drying, mixing, extrusion, and other processes, into pellets that can be directly burned A new type of clean fuel. Biomass fuel is a green coal and a new type of clean energy.

 palm fruit bunch

Ideal raw material for biomass fuel---palm fruit bunch

1. Place of Origin: Palm trees planted in Malaysia over 4 million hectares

2. Output of palm fruit bunches: the remaining empty fruit bunches each year after the virgin palm fruit is squeezed, c exceeds 15 million tons


Ideal raw material for biomass fuel---the advantages of palm fruit bunches

1. Strengths of raw materials: relatively concentrated, all concentrated in the crushing plant, no need to decentralize the purchase

2. Quantity of raw materials: The quantity of raw materials is large, and a large number of empty palm fruit bunches are produced every day, and there is no shortage of raw materials

3. Raw material quality: palm empty fruit bunches, rich in a lot of crude fiber, can be used to suppress biofuels after drying and crushing

4. Fuel use: There is more demand for biofuels, and the demand is increasing day by day