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What is the difference between the anti-fermentation in palm oil pressing pretreatment and ordinary edible oil steaming and frying?

September 17, 2021

oil pressing pretreatment

There are three main differences between the anti-fermentation of palm oil pressing and pretreatment and the steaming and frying of ordinary edible oil:

1. Different raw materials:

Palm oil is squeezed and sterilized, and the raw material is palm fruit or palm fruit bunch

The raw materials for steaming and frying with ordinary edible oil are soybeans, peanuts, sunflower seeds and so on.

2. Different processing tools:

Use sterilizing tanks for palm fruit sterilization;

Steaming and frying pan is used for ordinary cooking oil.

3. Different functions:

Sterilization of palm: Use steam to cook the palm fruit at high temperature to destroy the lipase in the pulp to prevent the free fatty acid content in the oil from increasing. In addition, the stabilization at high temperature can make the fruit soft and facilitate mechanical threshing.

Steaming and frying: The processing equipment that wets and steams the raw embryos after rolling to produce mature embryos, in order to achieve the process requirements of subsequent pressing or leaching. It can also be used as a softening pot. The oil can be softened to speed up the quality of the rolled embryos. This speeds up the oil yield and can change the quality of crude oil. It is a necessary equipment for vegetable oil plants to pretreat vegetable oils.