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What is the difference between a four-tank and two-tank small edible oil refiner?

September 08, 2021

Some people may be wondering why some edible oil refining machines have two tanks and some have four tanks. Although these two equipment can realize the refining of edible crude oil, there are differences in many aspects such as price, processing procedures and processing raw materials requirements. , Today I will give you a complete introduction to the difference between four tanks and two tanks of small edible oil refiners:

1 different prices

The standard edible oil refiner has four tanks. Due to the difference in the number of equipment, obviously, the price of the two-tank refiner is significantly lower than the price of the four-tank refiner.

2 Different processing procedures

To a certain extent, the two tanks will limit the edible oil refining process. Therefore, compared to the four refining steps of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization in the four tanks, the two tank refiner only performs degumming and deacidification. The two-step and two-tank refiner can be both dephosphorization and deacidification tanks, or a degumming and deacidification tank and a dry dehydration tank. At the same time, because the refining machine processing procedures of the two tanks are relatively simple, there is a difference in the requirements of the following processing raw materials.

 Small edible oil refining equipment with four tanks

3 Different processing raw material requirements

Since refined edible oil needs to meet the national oil standard before it can be sold on the market, the two tanks in the small edible oil refining machine are the processing raw materials of the edible oil refining machine if the quality of the oil is not good, the subsequent refining is more troublesome, so the two tanks The refiner has very high requirements for the quality of the oil. In addition, a four-tank edible oil refiner can process more than a dozen types of edible oil, while a two-tank refiner may only be suitable for one or two types of edible oil.

 Two tanks of edible oil refining equipment

Generally speaking, the two-tank edible oil refiner is more suitable for small oil plants and large-scale oil mills with small investment and small processing capacity; while the four-tank edible oil refiner is more costly, efficient, and has wider applicability of raw materials. , It is a better choice for large edible oil processing plants or refineries. If you are not sure which refiner you are suitable to purchase or have some special equipment needs, you can consult us for free. The engineer team of Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. can tailor the appropriate equipment configuration plan for you, and you are also welcome to personally Come to the factory to visit and guide!