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Six advantages of leaching oil production by leaching equipment

September 08, 2021

Flat-rotation leaching equipment

       The working principle of the oil extraction equipment is to use the role of organic solvents to dissolve the oil to extract the oil in the oil, and then the solvent is evaporated and separated to obtain crude oil through the different boiling points of the solvent and the oil. Grease extraction equipment produces high-quality products with high production efficiency and is favored by major oil factories. Compared with other oil production methods, the use of leaching equipment for oil production has quite a few advantages. Here is a brief introduction:

 Flat-rotation leaching equipment

  1. The oil production rate is high. The oil production rate of the oil produced by the leaching equipment is higher than that of other oil production methods. After the oil is extracted by the leaching method, the residual oil of the meal is below 1%, which is of great significance for the rational use of oil resources.


  2. The meal after the oil is extracted by the leaching equipment contains high protein, which can be used as a raw material for livestock and animal feed production.


  3. The production cost is low; the production line used in the leaching process for oil production is generally relatively complete, with a high degree of mechanization, fewer operators in the leaching workshop, and low labor intensity. Furthermore, the energy consumption of the leaching process for oil production is correspondingly lower. Therefore, the production cost of leaching oil is lower.


  4. Easy equipment automatic production; leaching equipment is relatively easy to realize automatic control production. The leaching method is a combination of chemical production units, and it is easy to realize automatic control of production, pressure, liquid level, vacuum, etc.


  5. The production environment is good; the production environment of the oil extraction equipment is better, because of its closed production, no leakage, no dust, and lower temperature, the production environment is better than the production environment of the squeezing method.


6. The quality of crude oil is good; the quality of crude oil produced by the leaching equipment is good, because the leaching method uses organic solvents, which has the selectivity of dissolution, and effectively removes non-lipid and fat-soluble impurities in the process of oil leaching. Control, the control method can be realized by the performance of the solvent, the temperature of leaching, and the method of adding other solvents during the leaching process.