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Precautions for cleaning and maintenance of rice bran oil extraction equipment

September 08, 2021

  The maintenance of the leaching equipment is very important. The normal operation of the rice bran oil leaching equipment is mainly due to the integrity of the equipment components. The loss of the equipment will affect the leaching efficiency, and also affect the quality of the leached grease and the service life of the equipment. In daily work, clean and maintain the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

  Rice bran oil extraction equipment should pay attention to the following matters during maintenance:

 rice bran oil extraction equipment

   1. The use of rice bran oil extraction equipment should be operated in accordance with the processing range specified in the equipment manual, and it is not allowed to use the equipment with over-specification, over-weight, over-load, and over-pressure.


  2. Do a good job of lubrication. The lubricating oil components, wiping materials and cleaning reagents used in the leaching equipment must be used in accordance with the provisions of the instructions, and no substitutes are allowed. The lubricating oil of the leaching equipment must be tested in advance, and can be added to the oil tank after it is qualified. Pay attention to filtering before injecting. The lubrication of leaching equipment is an important part of the on-site use and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Correctly and reasonably lubricating the equipment can reduce friction and wear of equipment parts, extend the service life of the leaching equipment, give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, reduce functional loss, and prevent the equipment from corrosion and thermal deformation. On the contrary, neglecting equipment lubrication and improper equipment lubrication will inevitably accelerate equipment wear, cause frequent equipment failures and accidents, accelerate the deterioration of equipment technical status, and affect product quality and output. Therefore, attention should be paid to the lubrication of equipment.


   3. Some precision or rare parts in the extraction equipment must be protected. If it is stopped for a long time, wipe, lubricate and run dry on a regular basis.


   4. The accessories and special tools of the leaching equipment should have a special shelf space, and they should be kept clean to prevent rust and bruises.