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Compared with squeezing equipment, what are the advantages of leaching oil equipment?

September 08, 2021

Oil extraction method is one of the main methods of modern oil extraction. The extraction equipment uses a solvent to extract the oil in the oil to obtain crude oil. It is also a method with a high oil extraction rate, which has obvious advantages compared with the pressing method. With the acceleration of the modern industrial process, there are more and more types of oils and leaching methods used to make oil by leaching, and the functionality of leaching is getting stronger and stronger.


The basic process of oil production by leaching method is that the oil solute enters the grease leaching equipment after a certain treatment, using No. 6 solvent naphtha (n-hexane) as the solvent and leaching the grease from the oil by spray soaking, and the oil obtained at this time Containing solvent, this solution is called mixed oil, and the mixed oil is boiled and air stripped to obtain crude oil. The mixed oil is boiled and air stripped to obtain crude oil, and the solid matter obtained after leaching is called wet meal. After the wet meal is desolventized, the required finished meal is produced. The mixed gas of the solvent evaporated, gas stripped and steamed is recovered by condensation and water separation, and the recovered solvent is recycled for use. The leaching process includes four steps: oil out, mixed oil evaporation, mud steaming and solvent recovery.

Compared with squeezing method, leaching method has the following advantages:

  leaching oil equipment

   1. The oil production rate of oil produced by the leaching method is higher than that of the pressing method. The residual oil rate of the oilseed meal after the leaching equipment is less than 1%, which has practical significance for the rational use of oil resources.


  2. The remaining oilseed meal after oil extraction has relatively high protein content and good quality. It can be used as a raw material for food and feed production.


  3. The production scale is large and the production cost is low. The evolution of legal oil can achieve large-scale, so that fuel, coal, electricity consumption and a large number of operators are required to be reduced. Further reduce processing costs and improve production efficiency.


  4. The degree of automatic control of leaching equipment is relatively high. The leaching method is a combination of chemical production units, and it is easy to realize automatic control of temperature, pressure, liquid level, vacuum, flow, and material level.


  5. The production environment is good. When the oil is leached, it is produced in a closed manner inside the extractor. There is no leakage, no dust, and the temperature is low. The production environment is better than the squeezing method.