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What is the process of producing rapeseed oil by leaching method? What kind of rapeseed oil production equipment is needed?

September 18, 2021

As the leaching technology continues to mature, more and more rapeseed oil producers choose to use the leaching method to produce rapeseed oil. So what is the process of producing rapeseed oil by leaching method? What kind of rapeseed oil production equipment is needed?

Rapeseed oil extraction workshop

The process of producing rapeseed oil by leaching method includes three parts: rapeseed pretreatment and pre-pressing, rapeseed oil leaching and rapeseed oil refining. The rapeseed oil production equipment used includes rapeseed pretreatment equipment and rapeseed oil pre-pressing machine. , Rapeseed oil extraction equipment and rapeseed oil refining equipment.

The purpose of rapeseed pretreatment is to clean up the impurities in the rapeseed, adjust the moisture, humidity and internal structure of the rapeseed, which will help improve the efficiency of rapeseed oil production, reduce the abrasion of the rapeseed oil production equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment. The rapeseed pretreatment equipment used includes magnetic separator, vibrating screen, stone removing machine, embryo rolling machine and steaming pan. Of course, you can also choose the appropriate rapeseed pretreatment equipment according to your needs.

 Rapeseed pretreatment equipment

The pretreated rapeseed can be processed by a rapeseed oil pre-press to obtain rapeseed oil and rapeseed cake. The rapeseed oil in the rapeseed meal needs to be extracted by the rapeseed oil extraction equipment to reduce the loss of rapeseed oil and obtain more rapeseed oil.

Rapeseed oil leaching is a process in which rapeseed oil is extracted from the cake by using the principle of the compatibility of solvents and fats. In the leaching process, the solvent is first brought into contact with the rapeseed meal, and after soaking for a period of time, the rapeseed oil is dissolved in the solvent to form a mixed oil. Using the different boiling points of oil and solvent, the mixed oil is evaporated and stripped to vaporize the solvent to obtain rapeseed oil. The solvent gas enters the condenser through the pipeline, and is recovered and recycled. It should be noted that for a safe production environment, the rapeseed oil extraction workshop needs a closed environment, which can also ensure efficient extraction efficiency and obtain high-quality rapeseed oil.

 Rapeseed oil extraction workshop

Both the leached rapeseed oil and the pre-pressed rapeseed oil belong to crude oil, which contains some impurities, including peptic impurities, free fatty acids, pigments, odor substances, etc., which do not meet national standards and cannot be sold on the market. Need to use rapeseed oil refining equipment to remove these impurities, so as to obtain high-quality rapeseed oil. The refining process of rapeseed oil includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. After these four sections are processed, the impurities can be removed. According to the continuity of the refining process, rapeseed oil refining equipment can be divided into three types: rapeseed oil batch refining equipment, rapeseed oil semi-continuous refining equipment and rapeseed oil full continuous refining equipment. Henan Zhongxing's engineers can provide corresponding rapeseed oil refining equipment according to your refining processing capacity.

The above is the detailed process of leaching rapeseed oil production and the rapeseed oil production equipment used. If you need rapeseed oil production equipment, you can contact Henan Zhongxing. Our team of engineers can design a rapeseed oil production plan and provide corresponding rapeseed oil production equipment according to your needs. Welcome to consult.