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Why use the pressing method to produce sunflower oil?

September 18, 2021

For a long time, pressing sunflower oil has been welcomed and loved by consumers, and the pressing process has always been the choice of sunflower oil manufacturers. Why is pressed sunflower oil so popular? Why use the pressing method to produce sunflower oil? Henan Zhongxing will give you a detailed explanation.

 sunflower oil

Reason 1: The quality of pressed sunflower oil is good.

In the process of producing sunflower oil by pressing method, only mechanical force is used to destroy the internal structure of sunflower seeds to obtain sunflower oil. The pressing process retains the nutrients and natural fragrance of sunflower oil, which meets the needs of the general public. Therefore, most sunflower oil manufacturers use the pressing method to produce sunflower oil.

Reason two: low investment in pressing equipment.

The main equipment used in the production of sunflower oil by the pressing method is an oil press. There are many types of oil presses, and the specific equipment selection is related to the needs of customers and the amount of sunflower seeds processed.

If the processing capacity of sunflower seeds is less than 10 tons/day, Henan Zhongxing recommends choosing an integrated oil press to produce sunflower oil. Some sunflower oil manufacturers will also equip a steaming pan before pressing to adjust the humidity, temperature and internal structure of sunflower seeds to improve the efficiency of the pressing and the quality of the oil. Such a set of equipment occupies a small area and is more economical and cost-effective. It is a good choice for small sunflower oil manufacturers.

 Pre-press and press

If the daily processing capacity is more than 10 tons, you can choose a pre-press and a squeezer for secondary pressing, which can reduce oil loss and obtain more squeezed sunflower oil. When the processing capacity is relatively large, it is often necessary to add a set of sunflower seed pretreatment equipment before pressing to clean up the impurities in the sunflower seeds and adjust the internal structure of the sunflower seeds. The main purpose of pretreatment is to improve the efficiency of sunflower oil pressing, while reducing equipment wear and increasing equipment life.

No matter which kind of sunflower oil pressing equipment you choose, the investment cost is relatively low, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized sunflower oil manufacturers. The specific equipment price needs further communication and exchanges with the manufacturer.

In addition, sunflower oil pressing equipment is highly adaptable. It can not only produce pressed sunflower oil, pressed peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, etc., but also use the same set of equipment for production, which can realize the production of multiple oil varieties. Squeeze demand.

Through the introduction of the pressing method, do you have a better understanding and understanding of it? If you are also considering using the pressing method to produce sunflower oil, or you are choosing sunflower oil pressing equipment, you can tell us your needs through the message form below. We will reply to you within 24 hours and look forward to our cooperation.