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What is the source of palm oil odor?

September 16, 2021

palm oil odor

The main sources of palm oil odor:

(1) The oily lipids in the oil are transferred to the oil during the oil production process;

(2) Substances that are obtained from palm oil and decomposed during storage; such as low-molecular aldehydes, ketones, acids, sulfur compounds, etc.;

(3) Process odors produced during the preparation and processing of palm oil: such as burnt, solvent, soap, bleached earth, hydrogenated peculiar smell, etc.;

(4) Odor components in natural oils and fats: very low content: 0.1-1%.

(5) The odor components in palm oil are related to the decrease of free fatty acid content: when the free fatty acid is reduced to 0.01-0.03% (perhydrogenation value is 0), the odor is eliminated. Therefore, the degree of deodorization is often measured by the decrease in free fatty acid content.

(6) The deodorizing effect of palm oil changes the flavor of the oil and accelerates the smoke point of the oil.