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Where is the best grease extraction machine?

September 27, 2021

The leaching equipment is a rapidly developing edible oil processing equipment. The fast and efficient characteristics make the leaching equipment attract attention in the oil processing market. However, there are many manufacturers of grease extraction machines on the market, with different scales, which makes it difficult for us to choose, and we don't know how to start. Today, Henan Zhongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce to you how to choose an inexpensive grease extraction machine for your reference.

 grease extraction machine

First, the quality of the extractor is important. Henan Zhongxing Oil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has processing equipment, and has long-term cooperation with Henan University of Technology, a well-known oil university in China. It has R&D technology and experience, which greatly ensures the quality and capacity of the produced extractor, and reduces the residual oil rate. 1%, cake meal is more suitable for animal feed.

Second, the operating difficulty and safety of the extractor. On this point, Henan Zhongxing Machinery Company provides installation and commissioning services, and assists in training technical workers to achieve safe, efficient and normal production of the extractor. In addition, Henan Zhongxing's products are sold at home and abroad, and have won many awards and honors. A large number of engineering cases have proved the strength and credibility of our products.

Third, the price of the extractor and after-sales service. Henan Zhongxing Machinery has its own factory, and all products are sold directly at the factory price, so that customers can buy satisfactory products at low prices! We not only provide customers with a satisfactory extraction machine, but also provide a one-year warranty and perfect after-sales service. If most of the equipment problems occur, our engineers will provide technical support and assistance within 24 hours.

Henan Zhongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with excellent products and services. For more details on extraction equipment, please contact us.